Calling anyone with a Classic/Timeless Shopping Tote

  1. I need some help identifying this bag, I am not sure if it is called the Classic Shopping Tote or Timeless Shopping Tote.

    Does anyone have this bag and can tell me the Product/Style number? If they still carry this bag in stores and also the current US retail price?

    Pics IMG_0385.JPG IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0263.JPG IMG_0384.JPG

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. I **believe** that is the timeless shopping tote. I remember seeing a picture of it in another thread, the small size (shown) is $2095 and the larger size is $2995.
  3. hhhmmmm isn't that the gst??? $1895?
  4. No, that's not the GST.
  5. Thanks karman! :flowers:
  6. I just bought the same Tote this past September for $2495.00 at Saks in Denver. Here is the style number: 07A A33788Y03616.

    P.S. I love the bag!
  7. You're very welcome!

    I found the picture on my HD...I hope the OP of the pic doesn't mind me posting it here:

    This bag is gorgeous...I love the large one! One recently sold on eBay for like $1800 I think but it was in beige...and I want black.
  8. misshotnspicy thank you so much for the style number! Now it will make it much easier for me when I call around (instead of trying to describe it!) Do you have any other pics you can share?

    karman that pic makes me want it even more!! :drool:
  9. Here are the pictures you requested:
    3.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg
  10. Misshotnspicy you look amazing, that Chanel is gorgeous! :yahoo:Thanks so much for the pics! Now I need to find myself one!
  11. Does this bag have feet on the bottom?
  12. i actually saw this bag today at Saks fifth in Phoenix... Though i didnt take a good look at it I know it was there in the black caviar leather w/ Silver Hardware. I also want to say it was the smaller size, but I can't be sure... My SA there is Carol Williams, she is super sweet! I dont know the other main SA's name, but what I do know is she is not very friendly and i always avoid doing business with her!
  13. I have it in the largest size in beige and it now retails for over $4000. I bought it about 8 months ago and it was $3990. It has since seen a price hike. I LOVE this bag. It is VERY hard to find in the larger size. Practical, gorgeous and not seen very often. The number of CHANEL SA's that say "ooh, I have NEVER seen the tote in THAT size before" is amazing. Get it; you will NOT regret it. (that is the medium size, not the small- which is SMALL) The medium is the most popular size, but still hard to come by, for some reason.
  14. you have any pics of your large one?? I would love to see it!
  15. Does this bag come with gold hardware or just the silver?