Calling any Tod's fans...

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  1. ... What do you think of the T-bag? I just saw the SS'07 large T-bag in Camel and super soft leather. Any feedback on the design with all the pockets on the front? What do you think- too trendy (read seasonal) or a twist of the classic box shape that could possibly be used for years and years? Would love to hear from any Tod's aficionado. Thanks!
  2. I really don't think you can classify any Tod's bag as too trendy. The t-bag is not one of my favorites though...a little too much going on for me but it is, as all Tod's, beautifully made with amazing leather. If the pockets don't drive you crazy and you see them as functional I think you will be happy. Tod's tends to run their best sellers for seasons and seasons in different leathers/textures so you should be fine.
  3. Wonderful bags, very exclusive leather, high class models... very chic!
    In Italy they are cosidered a lot!
  4. It didn't jump on me either when it first came out last year. I agree the pockets were a little too weird initally, it seemed kinda alien-ish to me (maybe because it reminds me of some 3-eyed alien), LOL. It wasn't until I started seeing it around on others, I became intrigued! It looks way way better being carried than it looked on the shelf. And the new spring camel colour and soft leather combination gives it a subtler and more pulled-together look.
  5. I'm a HUGE tod's fans. Any pics or where should I look.
  6. Tod's workmanship and leather is superb! There's no denying it. Usually their bags are rather conservative so I was quite surprised to see the pocket design on the T-bag. But it's starting to grow on me and I might just get used to the many pockets.

    There aren't that many Tod's fans around in this forum I guess...
  7. :nuts: Hello!

    Here's a pic of the bag I found although I do not think it's the camel I am referring to as this bag looks darker, more like mustard (e-luxury has other colours too I think). As mentioned, I think this bag needs to be seen IRL and in action. Photo somehow just can't justify. Do tell me what you think, thanks!
  8. Hello,
    I'm a Tod's fan:heart: and this is my t-bag camel.
    This is a wonderful bag, very superb leather and the style is perfect for every time!:yes:
  9. Love love Tod's. Ditto the t-bag. To me it's not a dressy bag but not hobo-y looking either. I would get alot of use out of the style.