Calling any kindly tpfer for mono cruiser pics for size comparison purposes

Feb 17, 2006
I would be grateful for any action pics of the mono cruiser. I need it for size comparison in order to make a decision on which size to go for. I know all the measurements and even have a tape measure in my hand but I am so awful at visualising how it will actually look IRL!

Apologies if there is a thread here already but I have searched the forum and also the whole of google images, plus ebay! Lots of cruiser pics but I need to see it in context. ie: either being carried or next to something else.

Thanks in advance


Jul 31, 2009
This is the Cruiser 45 in the airport...

That's Evora PM sitting on top of it, and a standard carry on below it. :smile:
Feb 17, 2006
thanks so much for that, its really really helpful! Now I have a clear picture of how big it is. I have the 40 on its way to me as I swapped one of my bags to get it, but I would like the 45 to if the 40 turns out to be small...the 45 looks like the size I need tbh.
Thanks again!