calling any and all mandarin epi owners!

  1. i love the color, and there is something beautiful on eBay in mandarin right now, but i'm nervous... what do you wear it with? do you think it's only a summer color? a good investment? would you prefer a damier or a mandarin epi in a speedy if you could only choose one?
  2. I don't own one, but it seems like with the right outfit, it will go with any season. If I had to choose, I would go with the damier speedy!
  3. I think that mandarin looks great with chocolate brown!
  4. I love this color too. Since I don't like Damier (except Azur) I would get the epi Mandarin. I think it's a great spring, summer, and fall color (think halloween & Thanksgiving)

    I think it looks GREAT with jeans since so many jeans have the orange stitching on them. The orange goes with black, white, navy. For a contrast you've got royal blue, turquoise, even red....I think there are SO many choices !!
  5. yes! its an all year color, with the exception of winter, IMO...
  6. love my epi mandrain jasmin, it's so pretty and unusual color, definitely a keeper!
  7. definitely mandarin epi speedy. I have mandarin epi petit noe and I love it!! :love: It's such a great color to wear. It gives nice contrast to white and black which I wear a lot. Damier is kinda blah to me. Go for the epi before it's gone.
  8. I am in lust with mandarin too and I don't wear any orange either. It just looks soooo stunning. HOpe you get it!
  9. I have a mandrin epi wallet. I usually use it with my Damier Saleya pm or Denim baggy pm. If you can get the damier speedy with a mandrin colored wallet.
  10. I only have the agenda, but I really love it! It is so cheerful and easy to find in my purse!
    I think mandarin goes great with most neutrals including camel and grey!
  11. i love mandarin. its bright and fun. i wear it year round, but i also live in arizona. i'd choose mandarin over damier- damier is just so common and the epi leather really holds it shape as a speedy.
  12. I just got a mandarin agenda recently and really love it-it gives some colour to my daily life. I will hopefully soon buy a belem and I think it goes well with brown-but also with most other colours. As it will be increasingly difficult to get I would go for a mandarin piece now and for a damier later. It will be fun in summer and will brighten a dull winter!
  13. Mandarin is my favorite color. Yes, it can be worn year round with about anything. However, I did not carry any of my mandarin pieces the last few weeks. We were in "deep winter", even had a blizzard. I just wasn't in the mood for a bright color. Today, as the sun started to shine and the temp. climbed above 32 degrees, I grabbed my mandarin jasmine.