Calling any/all Vivienne Westwood Aficionados/Experts (HELP ME)

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  1. I apologize in advance for not being able to provide a picture. Right now, the item in question is soaking in a tub.​

    Found what I *THINK* is an AUTHENTIC Vivienne Westwood canvas tote. The shape is similar to that of a plastic grocery bag, but with an oval platform/bottom and single strap. I believe it was designed to be reversible: Natural Canvas to Poly Satin?/Silk? If not, it transitions nicely.​

    The natural canvas side has graphics on one side only:​


    with a small daisy-type flowers drawn on either side of the "69", written/drawn in black with a "childlike"-hand. Colored gems in blue dot the 2 "i"'s in "Vivienne" and red gems are at the center of each flower (4 gems total). Above these graphics is a huge wooden button for a single loop-button closure.

    The poly satin?/silk? side (or lining) is covered with graphics of tiny pairs of shoes (mostly ballet flat-type shoes, viewed from the top) in blue-multi.

    RE: "69"
    Taking into consideration that her husband died on her 69th birthday this year, I thought it possibly could be a "tribute"-line. However, being that there are graphics of shoes, I don't see the connection, being that her husband was Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the Sex Pistols; aka "the Godfather of Punk". That their son was co-founder of Agent Provocateur...still doesn't help make the connection.

    I don't think Vivienne Westwood's designs have fallen victim to replication...have they? So, why am I asking if this is authentic or not? Well, I found the bag in the trash chute room in my high-rise condo complex (in the ROOM, NOT in the trash chute) - a complex of which more than 90% of the 250+ units are occupied by young 1st generation Korean-Americans. Now, I don't know of any Korean-designer replica stereotypes (yes, I live in a bubble); however, I've spotted many replicas carried/worn by the ladies in this building. Now I'm a bit suspicious - so shoot me.

    I've done every Google-search my atrophied brain can possibly do right now. Can anyone out there help me determine whether it is authentic/ever existed? Give me a hint? Some insight? Anything?

    Thanks in advance fellow-fashionistas/obscure Brit-designer freaks,

  2. Corrections:

    1) The natural canvas side has graphics on BOTH sides:
    The other side has Vivienne Westwood's signature w/"MADE IN ITALY" written below.

    2) The poly satin?/silk? side (or lining) is covered with graphics of pairs of shoes from the top view: Vivienne Westwood designs of all types of footwear (not "mostly flats"), in multiple cool pastels (blues/purples/pinks) on an ivory background.