Calling all you Lip Balm Girls

  1. If you are like me you have tried every lip balm, lip treatment out there, I just love them. I have found a new lip treatment system called Dr. Peter Roth Lips to Die For, it is a 3 piece set, a lemon scrub to exfoliate the lips, a clay masque, and the most wonderful pinky/peach lip balm. They come in small jars stacked together and are currently sold on QVC for about $60. I know the price sound steep, but your lips will be the softest ever after you do the 3 steps. My only complaint is I'd like a vat of the lip balm. You obviously use that one more than the others, but they last a long time and you probably would only use this twice a week. I've already repurchased it.
  2. thanks for the info :smile:
  3. thanks for the tip!
  4. nice tip, thanks!!
  5. Thanks! I might check that out.
  6. i didn't go to QVC to check that out but I know mary kay has a very similiar product and I LOVE LOVE IT. its the satin lips set and its $18, very similiar but the mask and exfoliator in one.
  7. wow that sounds awesome ... i want it . thanks for the info.
  8. Thanks for the info . ^-^
  9. I've tried Mary Kay and I like this one better. QVC seems to be sold out (not suprised) but I found a few for $57 on eBay. Here's a picture.
    roth lips.jpg
  10. Thanks for the info.