Calling all Work/Weekender owners SGH or REG, WO or WE please help me make up my mind

  1. I have been wanting to get a black bag for a while now and after debating between city and work I set my heart on a black 05 work.
    But yesterday I saw the weekender in steel with SGH and was just :nuts::drool: (certainly over my budget but....)
    I don't want to get carried away so I would like to ask you guys to help me take a more rational approach (I am totally obsessed by the WE right now)

    Is the SGH worth the extra euros, will I get sick of it ?

    Here are my options:

    Work in 05 black
    Work in steel with SGH
    Work in steel RH

    WE in black RH
    WE in steel with SGH
    WE in steel RH

    Please tell me what you think!
  2. I was in a similar quandry a few months ago, trying to decide between the work and weekender though it was a little more simple as both were going to be in RH. I personally got the work in the end as the weekender for me was just too big to be used on more of a daily basis, which was always a must. I still want the weekender but will only get it after I fulfill my other bbag desires as it is a bag I will probably only use solely to travel with. It really depends on your needs in the end - also if you end up getting the rh work are you still going to be thinking about the weekender SGH?

  3. ...good questions, I l:heart: the steel sgh weekender because it's really stunning and doesn't look that big (hubby hates it but he already thinks the work is too big)

    I just fear this will be a one season bag only (I fear growing tired of the bling)...the work is a great size during holidays I carried so much stuff (have a 19month old)...but again that was during holidays...

  4. it really depends on how much you carry around with you and if it is supposed to be an everyday bag..and what size of bags u love...i mostly have weekenders and works and i use weekenders even just to carry a wallet, keys, mobile and make up clutch...but i am insane i :heart: big bags !
    personally i would go for a steel weeeknder ( and if you after all find it too big a steel work ) with RH - that way u will have a classic bag in an unusual beautiful colour and wont have to worry about the bling part !
  5. Hi Cat, I briefly owned a Anthra Work GGH... but sold it off because I felt the gold was t:huh: "bling" for me.. that and I'm about 5'2" & I felt that the bag itself was large enough for me already & the added bling just added to much to it. However, I do have the GGH in a day, SGH in a city & day as well. I think it depends on which style you choose that best fits your style. BUT, go with your 1st instinct... if it was love at 1st site... and you still get flutters every-time you see it, & you already tried it on.. and still love it then...chances are you're going to stay in love w/ it ... then go for it! :heart:
  6. I think you should go for the Plomb/Steel over the Black. Steel is a versatile color that can worn with about anything. For the WE, I would stick with RH, which will definitely be timeless. If you decide you really like this color with SGH, the Work or the Part-time would look great with the giant hardware.

    I love this color so much that I'm getting it in two styles. I have the Steel Courier for casual wear and travel. And soon, I'll have a GGH PT.

    Good luck with your decision!
  7. I'm voiting for
    Work in 05 black
    Work in steel with SGH
    I have 05 black work which I love~and I use it all the time..I do have weekender size but I dont use often as work..
  8. '05 black work!!!!!!! It's just the perfect Bbag to have!!!!!!
  9. I would vote either Work 05 Black and Work Steel with RH. I also found GH to be too blingy
  10. Gosh, if I had to make the decision you have to make, I'd be in a quandry, too! I am going to vote for the Steel Work in RH, though. I love Steel, the color is so great and very versatile. On top of that, almost all of the Steel bags I've seen so far have had luscious leather. The RH has been around for years now and can almost be considered a classic. The GH has been mentioned as heavier to some...I don't know if that's something that would bother you. But the main thing that concerns me is that that you said the SGH WE would put you over your budget. I would want to stay in budget and get the color that I want. JMHO, HTH and good luck!
  11. Thanks for all the input....I also wonder if RH wouldn't be a better choice...?
    but that SGH on steel is really smth...:confused1:
  12. I have to vote for Steel with SGH. It's so beautiful in that combination. I just bought a Steel SGH bag and I don't ever even like gray. Go figure!

  13. Do you have piccies:nuts:?......I am so torn.
  14. I really don't like any GHs, so my choice would definitely be something in RH.

    I have 2 WEs and I never used it other than to travel, but use my Works(I have 4) my vote goes to either 05 Black Work or the Steel Work. Both are gorgeous:heart:
  15. You are not the only one saying this I think I will turn to the work...I have made a couple of expensive mistakes impulse buying I just can't afford that anymore:nogood: