Calling All "wish I Had Ordered A Le Magenta Too" Girlies

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  1. for any of you girlies who like myself were either too late to order a le magenta or let down or who are hoping to pick up a cancelled bag let's keep in touch. either post here or pm me


  2. me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :crybaby: ME~ I want one too!!!!
  4. No need for PM's for this, no? You guys can notify one another of bags appearing in stores live through this thread. I want to remind people it is against rules to solicit the selling or buying of each other's bags through PM. Thank you!
  5. Hey alexakara, I cancelled mine only last week it was a RH one. I would of thought it would of already been made if thats the case then it should be around for someone to buy no?
  6. THAT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS THREAD!! just making sure that we are all being given the same information re how bal are going to distribute the cancelled le magentas & that everything is handled fairly. mis-information seems to quite an issue here!
  7. hi Pink! :flowers:

    yes, one would think so, but i have a feeling that this is not going to be handled in "an above board" way! if i am wrong i will retract my remarks! xax
  8. I don't mean to be obtuse, but I don't get it. I would think that Baly NY would handle this themselves. One of the other PFers when called said she'd like to change her ggh to rh when all of the calls were done being made. I would imagine that Bal NY will do their calls and when they are done if there are "leftovers" they will sell them, no? Calling Bal NY and asking them would no doubt be the best way to be an informed person.
  9. thanks for the advice patty! i actually have e-mailed bal ny. but if you read thru the previous posts in the magenta threads we all seem to be told different things!
    people have been informing each other all thru this thread, the initial orders, the what is going to be like info., the frustrations re. the time delays info., the can we cancel? info., the how to cancel info., & now finally all the good news of who's got their's & when etc. is informing each other not the whole point of the
    forum? :confused1:
  10. ps the form i signed stated "final sale", no refunds, no exchanges. :confused1:
    yet more mis-information then?
  11. There is a list at BalNY. They are going through stock right now.... down the first list. Once they are done, they will go through the "wanting to buy" list. I hope that helps.
  12. thank you stars :flowers:

    i have spoken with bal ny & they told me this too. they also said that customers won't be allowed to change their hw choices until all the original orders have been distributed. though thought some already had? :confused1: so i guess what's left will go to the folks on list 2. sorry guys but i just don't think this is fair especially has we all signed a form which stated "final sale". they also advised that anyone wishing to reinstate goes to list 2 which i think is only right.

    i'd also just like to say, as i already have on other posts, that the le's look fab & congratulations to those who have their's. i do not mean to "rain on anyone's parade". :drinkup:
  13. The goal is to get a bag, IF that is at all possible, despite the fact you don't have an order/prepayment in, and not to try to get another accusatory, comparing notes thread going. You should get your information from BALNY. They probably don't yet have all the bags for the preorders in, let alone shipped out. I'm sure that is their priority. It would be unfair to the people who paid and patiently waited so long if it were not their priority. The fact they are/may be "listing" or acknowleging that non-cancelled pre-order people might want to change their orders, IF it is possible, doesn't mean they are cheating anyone else or even promising to do it. But again, they have valid pre-orders in, and of course they would have priority. I asked for a friend, fairly late in the game, and was told there was no assurance there would ever be any "extra" bags available to people who didn't place a special order for the limited edition, and no right to have expectations. Seems totally reasonable to me.

  14. nice :rant:

    actually bal ny accepted my prepaid order some 6 weeks ago & then cancelled saying that they had made a mistake as orders had finished some 10 days before.

    i have been in regular contact with bal ny since then, although i must say the info i receive hasn't always been the same as others who post on tpf, and i don't think i'm the only one to to comment on this fact.

    i stand by my comments re the original orders as we all signed a form which stated sales were final.
    the sole purpose of this thread was to clear up any
    mis-information for those of us who were told (by bal ny & not tpf) that there may be a chance of purchasing a cancelled bag. As you know there were quite a few cancellations.

    i can assure you i always find out, to the best of my ability, all the facts before posting.

    thanks to those who pm'd me with their kind words & i hope we all get/have already got what we wanted.
  15. You're welcome!
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