calling all who've been to/live in Zurich : )

  1. :upsidedown:
    i have placed count downs all over the place for my vacation! in my signiture.. the screen saver at work's computer... screen saver in my labtop.. screen saver in my MIND! :lol:

    s:huh:o:huh::huh:o at the end of this month i will be off to switzerland for two weeks.. and will be passing Zurich just for a day time shopping(and thats the only major city i'll be passing).. :jammin:

    i was woundering if any knows where to find Chloe :angel: there?? And Balenciaga as well! :tender:

    i know there is an: LV, Dior, Chanel, YSL and a Fendi.. in Bahnhofstrasse. and i think there is a Gucci somewhere..?

    I would appreciate any info.. since i am planning my bag hunts right now!! :yahoo:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a Lo:huh::huh::huh::huh:ot :love:
  2. I've been to Zurich a few times, and here's where I recommend:

    Grieder les Boutiques, which is also on the Bahnhofstrasse :smile: Basically, the Bahnhofstrasse is one of the best places for shopping in Zurich (IMO). It's got everything there and it's also close to lots of sight seeing stuff (if you're interested in that)!

    What other places will you be visiting while you're in Switzerland? I would recommend visiting the Lake Geneva region if you have a chance. I went to Geneva for a weekend 2 years ago, and we stayed at the Hotel Prealpina in Chebrex. It is a 4 star hotel (but different than a 4 star US hotel!) and we had a GORGEOUS view of Lake Geneva and the mountains behind it. We had a very large room all the way on the top floor. Oohhh, it was so beautiful! I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area. They're very accomodating, speak English and German very well (it's in French speaking Switzerland). Their breakfast service was great!
  3. I live in Switzerland and go to Zurich often.

    You can find Chloe and Balenciaga at the Trois Pommes boutique. They have several boutiques, but all very close to each other inthe same street. Each boutique specializes in some brands.

    The street is Storchengasse
  4. OMG you guys are soo:huh::huh:Oo:huh:O great!! :yahoo:

    dear lamiastella :flowers:
    i will be staying in Luzern (heaven on Earth as i call it!) :tender: << i say that from the bottom of my heart because i have been there several times before.. and GOD i cant stop dreaming of that lake!!! :nuts:
    thank y:huh::huh::huh:o:huh:ou sO:huh:o:huh:O much for your valuable info sweetie!! i must say we havent visited the french nor italian speaking parts.. (at least not yet!)
    yes true.. Bahnhofstrasse is tHE street to shop from!! :love: we only went their a couple of times (for a couple of hours).. thats why i dont know it so well! :smile:
    thank yoooo:huh::huh:OOo:huh:U sOO:huh:O:huh:Oo much again dearest :flowers:
  5. dear La Vanguardia :flowers:
    thank yO:huh:o:huh:ooo:huh:o:huh:oU sO:huh:o:huh: much!! i got the name written down.. and shall check it out:wlae: wO:huh::huh:Oow i must say i couldnt have gotten that info so easily without u guys!! u :jammin:
  6. You're welcome.

    Luzern is great! I got married there last year!

    Here are some pics:

    Malou & Frederic
  7. OMG!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: awwwWwWwwWwwwWwWwwWww ur family!! sweEEeEeEeEEeEeet!! and yo:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:Ooou are :love: bless ur hubby! maybe he can convince my love to take me on honey moon there! :P
    thank you sweEeEeEeEeEeetie for sharing those lovely pics! :girlsigh:
    God.. when ever i go there and cross those bridges walking.. or walk near the lake.. sometimes i shred tears just feeling that place is too romantic for a single one :crybaby:
    the pic i loved most.. wait i cant pick! :lol: they are all lovely.. but the ones with your family are just way too sweet. and the boat one awwww.. :tender:
  8. Thanks. I wish you a grand time on your holiday here.