Calling all white multicolor owners...I need help

  1. Hello everyone:

    I'm considering purchasing either a white multicolor speedy or a white multicolor keepall. My main apprehension: getting it dirty. I tend to be accident prone as soon as I get a really cute bag so I'm having reservations about my purchase, especially taking the price into consideration. Do any of you ladies find that your white multicolor LV items (large or small) show a lot of dirt? Is there anything that you can do to prevent stains or clean the stains? I talked to an SA at LV and she said that she doesn't have problems with stains on hers but then again she's probably more interested in getting her commission than ensuring that I purchase a bag that will last me for many years.

    Also, a friend mentioned to me that the white multicolor items are more for summer and that black is more useful as a year round bag. Oh well. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I love the white MC speedy but I went with black MC speedy so i could use it all year round. I think white MC is seasonal. If you have a lot of winter bags and dont mind retiring it for the winter, then go for it in white. If you want to get the most use out of it then black is the way to go. As far as dirty, Im sure the canvas can be wiped down from time to time. That's not what I usually see diryt on the MC bags. Its the leather. The leather is what I always fear that I will ruin and that is the same with the black and the white mc bags.
  3. My white MC cles has been abused by its previous owner, and does show dirt. It seems to be the odd case out though, cause it seems like many lovely ladies on the board do have white MC and they're still fab after usage !
  4. i dont have a MC item but my mom does

    she takes very good care of it, the canvas looks fab still after 2 year of use
  5. I have the Keepall 45 and a bunch of other MC, go look at my collection in the showcase and you will see what the wear is like after 3 years of use. My keepall has been all over the world and back. I just wipe the canvas with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. The white is fun!!
  6. I have the MC alma and Speedy. The canvas is super durable!! it takes a simple wet cloth just to wipe off stuff....I really like my MC line......
  7. I love my mc audra. just wipe it down and it's clean. and i'm not so easy on bags no matter how delicate it's in my showcase with a matching wallet. i keep it boxed when it's not in use
  8. Thanks for the info ladies. You're all awesome. I never tend to stick to traditional rules so if I bought the white keepall I would be sure to use it in my travels year round (lol...that's the rebel in me). Anyway, I didn't know that you could wipe down the white multicolor bags. I figured that wiping them could possibly spread or smear the dirt, especially if it's makeup or something. It seems like the black stands out a little bit more than the white and makes more sense long term in terms of durability (i.e. not showing marks) but I do prefer the white.

    All of you take very good care of your bags. I like to buy nice things that can also be thrown around (to some extent). If I get the white MC keepall it's sure to be squashed or at least battered on the plane's overhead compartment (I would NEVER check the bag) by someone who doesn't recognize the value of it. Oh well. Thanks again and keep the comments coming!
  9. I don't take care of my bags...I have the white MC speedy,theda and alma and the black MC speedy as well. I am totally comfortable using the black speedy whenever but the white bags I carefully think ahead to what will I be doing. I rarely use my white mc's due to the risk of damage so ocassionally I'll use it at a fancy dinner event,etc.
  10. I have the white MC pochette and suprisingly it really does not get dirty like I thought it would. As long as you do not throw it around then I would not worry. I have to be honest though because I chose not to get the white MV Alma because of the money and color. I got something smaller and cheaper so i wouldnt feel so bad if it did get dirty lol Either way get what you love and wear it well. You only live once!!
  11. I have both the black & white MC speedies, black mc cosy purse and white mc berlingot.
    The White speedy is still clean and spotless after 2 years of wear, and i'm really not too careful with it. :shame:
    The black mc stuff, no question, not dirty at all.... at least i don't think so. lol.
    I would definitely get the white mc and not worry about it at all. Even if it does get dirty, just wipe it off. No biggie.

    At one time i wanted a white mc keepall as a regular bag. I guess that's a little crazy, though! :roflmfao:
  12. At one time i wanted a white mc keepall as a regular bag. I guess that's a little crazy, though! :roflmfao:[/quote]

    Haha Jennifleur! The keepall is HUGE for everday use. I recently tried it on for size and it was quite large. I travel quite a bit and I tend to keep my car trunk full of stuff because I never want to be caught unprepared Who knows: I may spend the night at a friend's house, may pull an all-nighter, I could be stranded on the side of the road, clothes may get a stain, Because I'm a good former girl scout, I believe that the bag would be used quite often (and thus could look a total mess after a few months if it's white).
  13. Patina will hide the stains on the cowhide trim/handles and canvas you can wipe off with a damp cloth, so don't worry about it.
  14. Thanks LV addict! I consider you an expert on all things LV so I'm glad you also responded.