Calling all white/ivory muse owners...

  1. How do you care for your bag? Did you use anything on it (i.e. sprays) to protect it, and if so, how well has it protected the bag? For those that haven't done anything to their bag, how is the color of the bag now?
  2. I don't use anything on it. I've had it for almost 5 months and it still looks brand new. What I am sure has helped is the fact that I always make sure my hands are clean before I pick it up and I don't take it out in rain. I also never touch it when I have oils from lotions, etc... on my hands.

    It was kind of hard at first, but now it's just become kind of second nature to be so neurotic. ; )
  3. great question. I was curious about the white leather being fragile.

    Does it pick up dirt easily or is is more of a durable leather?
  4. It seems to be pretty durable! As I said, I don't take it out in the rain, but other than that, I carry it all the time. I sometimes take public transit in to work and the street car that I use is open and I'll sit on the outside with the bag with no problem.

    The other day I accidently scratched the leather with my nail and I just about died. I kind of rubbed the spot with my thumb and it looks new again.

    I will try to take some pictures today and I'll post them so that hopefully you can see how mine looks. Mine still looks brand new.
  5. what about the resale value of preowned WHITE muse bag? how much is the average selling price of a pre owned white muse in very good condition? thanks
  6. That is a good question! I wish someone would answer you.:rolleyes:
  7. I think no one has answered maybe b/c no one is really seeling this bag yet??? I just got a white xl and i love it---but I am having the infamous thread problem- and I have only had ity for less than a week. I am considering taking it back to nm where I got it- but i know I will be without it for a whil- as they had to order it from dallas.....oh well....i gues i will call the sa and let her know abt. the situation.

  8. I don't think this is popular re-selling item. I am sure you can find them out there, but I know at least I didn't go in to it with the intent to sell later on. I think this bag is definitely one that will be a classic and I think that people may be holding on to these more than other styles.

    If you don't want to go to the boutique, I know Bluefly had some Muse bags on there awhile ago. Also, you can check reputable consignment stores.
  9. i didn't protect mine to begin with (it was during the muse craze of may '06 and i HAD to use it the second i got it), but i use it a lot for travel, so it has had it's share of a hardlife.

    i go over the threads with a tide pen whenever i get back from traveling, and for larger spots i use magic erasers. i know, i know, it sounds crazy, but it does nothing to the leather and totally removes any dirt or grime that my bag might have picked up.
  10. great tip...thx.....
  11. I did not treat my ivory muse with anything at all.The first time I used it I had the navy color transfer from my new clothes to the threads on the bag where it rubbed.I also had a thread loosen that same day.I love the bag but feel I have to treat it with care.Any tips are welcome.BTW,I own alot of bags and this is the only one I feel i have to treat with such care.
  12. Just read your post.Great tips.I had not thought of the magic works great eleswhere,why not a bag?
  13. And the tide pen over the thread..another great idea....
  14. thanks for these tips.
    my bag is getting a bit dirty but i will magic erase it!
  15. okay please watch out with the magic eraser! i don't know about you ladies but i pretty well discolored my bag using the magic marker...the leather itself became a horrible light blue....i'm going to have to go to a leather repair do exercise CAUTION using it!