Calling all White Chanel owners!

  1. Help! I was considering getting a white reissue...and I was only able to find them in patent leather. But then...I started hearing horror stories about these white, especially patent white bags, about color transfer and turning YELLOW!

    How true is this? Am I doomed if i only wear jeans everyday? and how long do i have before this bag will turn yellow??? I am scared to get my first chanel and it won't last...

    I really need your help because I would like to get it by the end of the week. :yes: Thanks!
  2. i just got my patent white bag too, but i reserve it for evening outtings only b/c i think the exposure to sun and heat is the key of turning yellow. As long as you don't carry it under the sun or heat for long period of time it shouldn't turn yellow there any thing you can 'reglace' the patent leather? I read somewhere on the LV board something about a shoe cleaner nickname Milk that they use to treat the canvas.....
  3. my reissue is off patent.

    if you wear jeans everyday of course your doomed! IMO... but its a lovely bag!
  4. I just ordered a white caviar flap, I think white caviar is probably easier to be taken care of then white patent, the potential problem with white patent is that when color transfer does happen, I was told by my SA that there's nothing you can do to remove the stain, versus i think with caviar stains can be removed by, say saddle soap as some TPFers have suggested. But, if you do not plan to use the white patent often or only use it when you are wearing light color clothing, then maybe is ok.
  5. congrats hikarupanda~can't wait for ur pix! but i "think" i should be ok if i reserve the patent bag for evening and maybe raining days(love bright color in raining days~) only......
  6. I bought a flap in white (different kinda leather) and the SA suggested I spray it with this leather protector spray (you get it in shoe stores like ALDO) before taking the bag out.

    What do u guys thing of this one? You can wear it as a clutch or a small bag.
  7. I just use it carefully. That's all.
  8. can you spray patent leather?

    Has anyone actually owned one that turned yellow?
  9. i did hear that if it turns yellow, it will be years away...............sounds reasonable to, maybe all of us who have white Chanels will be old women (and i wll be 125, being old to start with lol)
    on a serious note, my very excellent shoe and purse repair place told me to spray bag with Meltonian, a scotchguard-like hold can about 8" from bag and go all over it lightly even chain handles and seams. Let bag sit for 30 min., then repeat. They said that if any bad stuff gets on it now, they can easily lift the substance..................i dont use mine everyday but not infrequently either, too pricey to be an infrequent bag..............
    i wear it with jeans but just to be safe, wear a longish top over the jeans so it just touches the fabric of the top, not the denim....
  10. Patent is a lot higher maintenance than caviar because of the color transfer issue that hirakupanda mentioned (ie newsprint, etc... can print onto the patent and it's not reversible).
    I haven't had problems yet with my white caviar, but it's less than a year old. Keeping it out of sunlight is supposed to help.
  11. The SA told me that patent is lower maintainance than the distressed white that true? or was she trying to make a sale (since they don't have the distressed one in stock)
  12. to the best of my knowledge, patent is a lot more difficult to take care of (in comparison to the caviar). This is what an SA at SF just told me today. Also, with the caviar, you can get it "re-dyed"? i'm not too sure what she was talking about, but basically if it yellows, you can get it brought back to close to its original color. Only downside is that the bag will get very stiff afterwards
  13. my SA says chanel guarantees your bag for 2 years. refurbish, cleaning everything... she said try to use it everyday to get ur money's worth.
  14. Do you pre-treat your bag with leather protector before you use it? I just got a white diamond stitches bag (calfskin) from a lovely Pf member & I am wondering if I should pretreat it first. If you pre-treat your white bag, what did you use? I am planning to order some Vectra (I have heard it's good for shearling coat & hopefully, it may be good for leather handbags too) What do you think? I haven't have a chance to call Chanel boutique yet, but I remember one of the SA told me that they cannot recommend anything. :smile:
  15. i'd like to know too. BTW...for those who own white caviar, have you noticed any color transfer specially from jeans or darker colored items? thanks.