Calling all W owners: Enbossed Suede Monogram sides

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm thinking about purchasing the W Noir with the embossed suede logo at the sides of the bag... It's a gorgeous bag! I do have some concerns about how this bag wears.
    Do you need to be extra careful with sides of the bag? Any issues with rubbing bag against anything (Clothing and/or other materials)???
    Would love to hear your thoughts on this. TIA!!

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  2. Close up of embossed suede monogram applied to leather

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  3. never heard rubbing stories on this model
  4. Well have not hear anything yet. Its a newer bag so less review out there I guess.
  5. I just got mine as well and am also worried ab
  6. Just got mine as well and also worried about the velvet monogram rubbing off.. Any insight?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I guess no news may be good news for this one!
  8. The tufting is a concern for me as well. I would love to see an example of a bag with tufting that has been used daily for a few months at the very least.
  9. +1
    Can someone post a pic of their W bag that they've been using frequently.
  10. I haven't had any problems with mine at all. I have traveled to Vegas and LA with it and it's been just fine. Im at work now but I will post a few pics of my bag when I get home.
  11. That would be awesome, thank you kimetra24!

  12. Ok here she is:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392336923.832686.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392336976.450712.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392337070.110936.jpg

    I used her for a month when I first got her and then again the whole month of January. She can go longer than that but I like to rotate my bags to give them equal use. Nothing has happened to the tuffeted LV's whatsoever.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing. The tuffeting looks brand new. Glad to hear and see that you've had no issues.

  14. What a beautiful bag!!! It looks so creamy and buttery!!!
  15. She looks brand new! Thanks for taking the photos!