Calling all vivienne westwood melissa owners

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  1. Hi everyone

    I love the look of Melissa Vivienne westwood shoes but not sure whether to take the plunge - are there any enablers out there :P

    To anyone who owns any, are they comfortable? Do they rub/ give you blisters? Do they make your feet sweat terribly? Can you wear them with tights?

    I particularly love the melissa dragons - does anyone own this style? Does the strap hold your foot in place or does it slip off easily - and if yes, is this annoying to you?

    If anyone has pics of you wearing any style of melissa shoes, I would love to see. Theres not many threads on here, Ive done a search already.

    Many thanks, look forward to hearing what you all think of this brand. :graucho:
  2. I personally like them but not enough to buy them. The Dragons look v cute (too pointy for me though) but i havn't seen them IRL. I also find it a bit off-putting that I see so many in the end of the ends of sales etc
  3. Thanks papertiger. Re end of sales.... I take your point ... but I have found the particular dragon shoes I want for £39 in an online sale - whereas yesterday they were still full price (£88) when I tried them on in my local vivienne westwood boutique!!!
  4. i don't own any personally, but my friend has a couple pairs (the slingbacks with the heart on the toe) and says they're surprisingly very comfy, and do not make her feet sweaty. i dunno how rubber could be breathable, but she swears it isn't a problem. once it stops being so cold outside i think i'm going to order a pair!
  5. I tried them on and had instant flashbacks to wearing jelly shoes when I was a kid. They did get sweaty and can I imagine them gathering dirt at the sweat points like jelly shoes did... on the other hand... easy to clean!
  6. bump! :smile:

    as a Brazilian, I've been wearing Melissa most of my life, but my VWs are my darlings.
    The Lady Dragon is extremely comfortable, but you must try it before you buy it (they run a bit large).

    the ultragirl runs a bit small (yes, Melissa is all over the place) and I have yet to try on the Zen Girl by VW — I heard the plastic is much softer than on the original version.

    both the Three Straps and the Three Straps Elevated are amazingly comfortable and super classy!

    I only have 4 LDs, 3 Three Straps, 2 ultragirls and one 3SE because honestly, I'd need many more feet to wear everything I want.

    this is my Melissa set on flickr, not all of them are there though.

    hope I've helped.