Calling all vintage scarf experts...HELP!!!

  1. A few of you know that I've been searching high and low for my grail scarf - Les Pivoines - pale pink with green basket. My friend bought one for me as an early birthday gift from eBay.:yahoo: I am a scarf newbie, and truly need some expert eyes to give me their feedback since I hear there are zillions of fake Les Pivoines out there. The details seem to suggest it's authentic (don't want to get into them since I don't want the fakers learning anything).

    Would appreciate your advice!!! Ahhh, I sooooo hope this is the real deal. I feel that if this were my last Hermes scarf I would be content.
    Les Pivoines Full.jpg Les Pivoines Script.jpg Les Pivoines Care Tag.jpg Les Pivoines Copyright.jpg Les Pivoines Logo.jpg
  2. Looks like the real deal to me, you might want to authenticate this in the authenticate this-thread to make sure. Les Pivoines is so beautiful, especially in this colourway.
  3. kim_mac, it looks great to me - I'm shooting out the door; when I return I will confirm that yours matches mine. But I think you're OK....Congratulations in advance! :nuts:
  4. thank you, nola and katel for responding. wait to hear more from you, katel, since i think you own the exact same one.
  5. This is a good one AND it is even more special because the hems were rolled by a master Rouletresse (did I botch that spelling?) indicated on the label by the sideways letter "A".

    YAAY!!!! Congrats, Kim_mac!!!!
  6. Congrats Kim! It looks good! So glad you finally got your grail scarf! I bet your friend made your week!
  7. good knowledge drop SM!

    yep, QM, she made my YEAR with the scarf. i am so in love with it. i used to be so broken up about not getting the 2005 reissue when i had the chance. now, i'm so happy i did b/c i wouldn't have wanted this one.