calling all vintage collectors...plese help!

  1. Well here is the good news. I found a moulded acetate beehive bag in a vintage bag store.

    Here is the bad news. While the lid is in good condition, I can detect a bit of a chemical smell, and the handle is not original: it has been replaced with a metal handle as opposed to the plastic one. Also the seam below the handle join is cracking.The lady is selling it for
    $ 55.00 Canadian. I wanted to buy it and resell it...but is it worth it? I know it is a rare shape, but is the integrity of the bag too damaged to resell? Any advice would be much appreciated.
    The bag is similar to the white one here:[​IMG]
  2. Sorry, about the long link: please look under the Lindy category
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  6. This is probably a year too late, but I happened across an auction that reminded me of your bag. If it's the same one, I hope you bought it, because it has value :smile:

    Item number: 250209886674

    Llewellyn's bakelite/lucite Beehive Vintage Purse

    "This is one of the most sought after and elusive of all the vintage lucite and bakelite purses and is referred to as the 'Holy Grail' by collectors. This purse was produced by Lewsid Jewel, Llewellyn's upper end line, in 1952, and is appropriately named 'The Beehive'. This wonderful purse resembles a beehive not only in its rich warm coloring and its decreasing concentric rings but also because of the brass honeybees and floral reverse carving on thick beveled lid which has clouding, and crowned with complimenting horseshoe shaped handle. It has the 4 original feet on base, brass handle attachments, and hidden brass ball closier under lid. Measures 7" wide x 5" tall (10" with handle) x 5 1/4" deep. Purse has no chips, cracks, hairlines, warping, or notable scratches. "