Calling all Vert Fonce-ers and People with 35cm and 40cm Kellys

  1. okay...I know this title is totally random.

    but can people post pics of your vert fonce bags in goodies. I hope there are some out there with vert fonce box and fjord.

    but nonetheless.....please post pics!

    also, please post pics of your 35cm kelly and 40cm kelly!

    here is what I am thinking....

    I want to order...

    35cm Kelly...vert fonce fjord in rigide/ hardware
    40cm box with gold hardware.

    any help would be much appreciated!
  2. It's a great neutral, imo; good luck with your order

    vert fonce box:



    vert fonce chevre:


    this pic shows the true color well:

    green box bolide2a.jpg green box bolide3a.jpg boxg3.jpg 2008 cadena lotus gold3.jpg
  3. thanks so much Katel! I almost had my fingers on a Jige GM...the big one in vert fonce box....but it had sun damange from being in the window. :sad:

    I have seen vert fonce first glances it seems blackish...

    however....I saw the swatch for the fjord vert fonce in love!
  4. Sandiaexchange sold a Vert Fonce 35 cm Birkin in Box calf and also the same in Chevre last week. It's not what you are looking for, and unfortunately they are gone, but the photos are probably still there
  5. thanks I will look them up!

    any auction shots with 35cm and 40cm kelly bags?
  6. 40cm Kellys are more rare than 35cm Kellys. I'd love to see pictures too!!

    Here is my favorite modeling picture from IceChick and her mesmorizing 35cm Blue Jean Kelly:
    35cm BJ Kelly on Icechick.jpg
  7. okay I am sold....35cm Kelly...souple....vert fonce fjord with gold.
  8. I love this ^^^^^!:heart::heart::heart:
  9. L- don't have you a 40cm? can you post some standing up action shots?
  10. :okay::heart::heart::heart::yes::love:
  11. and then maybe a 40cm black box kelly...probably souple?? with gold...or maybe even raisin box.
  12. Ok, for you, GG...I was going to post this one in the 'in action' thread but I couldn't bear the spectacle of my fatness...

    (so, just look at the bag only:lol:)...


    There are also these old ones ( i think you've seen them already?)...

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Unfortunately I can't help with the Vert Foncé yet.:girlsigh:
  13. thank you!

    does fjord get slouchy? if I did 35cm souple kelly..

    what about black box in souple? does it get slouchy?

    I am thinking for me a 35cm souple vert fonce fjord with gold...and a 40cm box kelly souple in black box or raisin box!

    finally a decision!
  14. hey, GG, check out my reveal for a little more vert fonce!!!
    I am about ready to start it!!!

  15. woohoo can't wait to see!