Calling ALL vernis lovers!

  1. Sooo... Amarante was released. Some of you (us) like it, some don't. In your opinion which should be the next Vernis colour? If you could photoshop it would be great!!
    Last night I came up with a few colours for Vernis too and would like to hear your opinion!! :yes:
    apple green.jpg lemon yellow.jpg reef aqua.jpg
  2. Now my favourites, the metalic colours:
    metalic emerald green.jpg metalic indigo.jpg metalic ruby.jpg
  3. wow... so stricking color. :smile:
  4. can u put the roxburry in metalic red and aqua please. :biggrin:
  5. WOW!! You are so creative CedricLV! I love the colours you've come up with. The green ones are really interesting. Cool idea!
  6. I like the first bright green one and the dark blue one
  7. I love the blue one, green too.
  8. That's what I could do in such short notice. The colour is not exactly the same... I didn't save the *.psd layered files, so I can't find the exact shade of colour.

    Thank's guys for your comments!!... but I would love to see your colours too! ;)
    metalic ruby roxbury.jpg
  9. ^ that ruby-ish red is flipping gorgeous!
  10. wow... thank u so much. tat is the right color i am looking for. because i feel that pomme is too stricking but then amanratee is too dark. :biggrin: anybody agree with me here?
  11. Oooo.. Very pretty! I especially like the 2 bluish-greenish colors! :yes:
  12. me too!! :tup:

    thanks for posting your photoshop creations cedric! :smile:
  13. Wow Cedric! I love the turquoise and the ruby metallic! Maybe a more lavender lavender?!
  14. Love it! I wish I could do that lol.
  15. The first three ones makes me want to eat fruit for some reason. >_<

    Nice work!