Calling all vernis key & change holder owners!

  1. Does the vernis key & change holder function well as a coin purse as oppose to the mono or damier versions?

    Inquiring because I imagine that since the mono and damier are made of canvas, a softer material, they're easier to get in and out of. And that they make for great coin purses.

    While the vernis is beautiful, I know that it's known to be a bit tough. So I am afraid that it won't hold alot of loose change and would make for a pretty coin purse but not a functional one.

    Please give me your input! Because I'm narrowing it down between a vernis key & change holder or a damier one.

    Thanks in advance to all of those who reply! :smile:
  2. I'd get one of each. I have my groom for everything, and then I want to get a vernis to keep my DL, registration and all those little cards. Groom can hold your coins and maybe stamps.
  3. Honestly, it doesn’t really hold that much. I have a groom one and I was too scared to use it much, so I allowed myself to get the pomme one only if I swore to myself I would use it as I had originally intended for the groom. The capacity is much less however. I used to carry coins, notes and around 5 cards in my groom, and it was still fairly easy to get in and out of. But I can only carry around 5 cards in the vernis, and it’s pretty hard to get in and out of even with only a couple of cards. If you want a proper coin purse, I would recommend the damier.
  4. hmm...lots of great points!

    but especially liked aarti's points about getting both! What a lovely idea!

    gawd so much to think about...

    if it helps any, here are what my needs are:
    - i need a coin purse to strickly carry only coins
    - i need a receipt and business card holder
    - and uh any other function would be for carrying little things that i don't want to lose in the purse (like a key or something like that every once in a while).

    does it all make sense?

  5. I have both damier cles and a pearl vernis cles and yes the damier does hold more and is more flexible, but the vernis holds quite a bit too. Right now I have in my vernis cles: 2 cc, 9 paper cards, and 4 coins, as well as the key chain thingie tucked inside as well and I have no trouble getting into and out of my cles.

  6. Now I'm wondering if I'll need both...

    It's just that I really want a frambroise vernis piece...but I was also considering an vernis envelope plate...if i do end up getting that then I might get the damier cles to contrast it. (in case you're wondering i'm also planning on a damier azur speedy)

    sorry if i sound like i'm rambling...
  7. If you need more room but are also going for the prettiness of vernis, then I'd get l'envelope plate, but the prob is locating one. Some stores may be all sold out... Anyway, it's true that the Vernis cles are more 'sturdy' but it's still very functional. You can still put in cards and coins in the Vernis.
  8. well for me my noisette cles is perfect. It hols my change and key and cards if needed so yeh i say get it! I do only have a few coins and 1/2 cards so if thats like you then go for it! x
  9. how about getting the damier koala coin purse strictly for coins (although you can still put 1 or 2 cards since there is a separate compartment for that) and a vernis cles for your business cards, receipts and keys :smile:
  10. hmm interesting suggestion...I will look into the Koala coin purse
  11. I have both a monogram key & change holder, and also 2 vernis. Despite the monogram holding more, I will always prefer my vernis - I think they're fabulous :smile: Everyone's needs differ, but in my vernis key & change holders, I generally tend to carry 2/3 cards, a lot of loose change, a house key, and also some folded notes. I think the colours available are stunning, and the leather goes lovely and soft with regular use (plus it smells nice!) :yes:
  12. holds not quite as much as regular mono, damier or mini lin. For two cards and some bills it will do but don't expect too much of it!
  13. I have mono and pomme, love them both. I switch them out, using each for about a week at a time. Mono definitely holds more, but the pomme is soooo pretty!
  14. I have a vernis and a mono. I like the mono better when using it as a wallet. It does hold more and holds a lot more then the vernis.

    I got my vernis for V-day and have been using it since for my keys and love it. Doesnt hold near as much as the mono but its HOT and i love the feel.

  15. Sounds like you need a framboise agenda!:yes: You can order a zip pouch from filofax for coins, and there's plenty of room for receipts and business cards. But if you're wanting separates, and smaller peices, get something other than vernis cles for coins. I use my pomme cles for a small stack of bus. cards, but have been thinking about getting a MC white carnet de bal. It comes with a little address book, but I'd take that out and strictly use it as a card holder. For receipts, I use some sort of pouch. Either a damier marais pouch, or mini azur pochette, which I keep inside my bag with the zipper open so I have easy access. I've attached a pic of the marais pouch inside my damier speedy, with the zip open, so you can see how I use it. Btw, I don't have a damier marais. You can order the pouch separately, as a replacement by calling 866. It's only $140!

    LV insidebag 03.jpg