Calling All Vernis Bedford Lovers --- Please help with Q

  1. Does your Bedford hold a lot of your daily essentials?

    I am curious about how roomy this bag is. I thought about getting the Brentwood, but the Bedford shape is calling my name. Any thoughts would be appreciated! And pictures of how much the Bedford can hold would be super! Thank you!!:yes:
  2. It does hold a lot..I usually carry my PTI wallet, small makeup bag, a couple of pens, 4 key holder, Cerises coin purse and a purell but it's not super organized since the bag doesn't have pockets. I just don't like it much because the shape is kind of awkward and it's hard to get into if you're wearing rings. The zipper doesn't give way too much. It's a gorgeous bag but I'd prefer the Brentwood.
  3. I agree with everything Rebecca said! :yes:
  4. It holds enough stuff for me. I love bedford shape..
  5. Dang, I have a bunch of "daily essentials" and I like being able to get in and out of bags easily. It is such a cute shape, but if it doesn't have inside pockets and the zipper doesn't give way too much, then it's kinda impractical for me too. Bummer.

    Thank you for the great info!!
  6. It'll definitely fit all the daily essentials, but it's not the easiest bag to get into and the lack of pockets makes everything kind of pile on top of each other. It's a cute bag if you're not really planning on getting into it too much :smile:
  7. Nita, can you get in and out of your Bedford easily?
  8. Thank you, LVbabydoll. I like to be able to get in and out of my bags easily. too. I had to return my Epi Myrtille Speedy 25 for that reason alone. :sad:

    I appreciate your thoughts. Really helped clear some doubts in my head!

  9. Yes, because I bought preowned one so the opening has soften up. I tried the one in store, it's so stiff.
    Like Rebecca said, if you don't plan to dig into your bag that often, it's cute DH adores it..
  10. Thank you, Nita! I will have to go to the LV store and see if my SA will allow me to see if all my stuff can fit into the Bedford before making a decision to purchase.

    Thanks again!