Calling all vernis (bag) owners!!! Help needed!!!

  1. Ladies, I have a question: when you wear your vernis bags with jeans, do you get color transfer from denim? I am especially interested to hear the answer from people that own red and similar to red shades vernis items. Thank you in advance for your time.:flowers:
  2. Do my spidey senses tell me that Irene's got a new bag in mind ?! :graucho:
  3. I am extremely careful when I have dark denim with my vernis bags. My SA warns me about it. Honestly If you get lighter colour vernis, colour transfer is unevitable and you do need to be more careful from dark clothing and also from the heat.
  4. I am interested in a vernis shoulder bag large enough to come down to my hip. And as I am in jeans almost ALWAYS, I was wondering about the denim staining it.

  5. :lol: I am SO ASHAMED!!!:upsidedown: :shame: :lol:
  6. Psssh.. no you aren't, and I love it ! :graucho:
  7. LVbabydoll has a red Biscayne Bay, I'm sure she can answer your question.
  8. Hi Irene,

    I have a red Bedford. I wear it with jeans all the time. No color transfer. I also keep it in its sleeper when I'm not carrying it. I'm careful, but not super careful with it. I've been told (from another board) that the color transfer was not happening so much with the darker/newer bags. I hope this helps.
  9. Hmmm...I've heard of color transferring on jeans, specially on vernis bags that are handheld. Perhaps the houston or brentwood will suit you and it will look great with jeans!
  10. A lady I work with has a framboise houston (a little bit lighter than red), and there was a bit of color transfer when she wore NEW, UNWASHED jeans. You know the really dark kind that usually have a tag saying they can transfer on anything? Yeah, she didn't wash them first. But, she wears jeans constantly, and that was the only problem.
  11. I wear jeans all the time and the only part that MIGHT get it a little is the vachetta trim on the bags, not the vernis itself. I have Framboise, Rouge and Fuchsia and none of the pieces in that color have any transfer from my jeans (I don't wash mine right after I get them, either).
  12. Depending what colour you're thinking of. Bronze, red...darker colours might be okay. If it's marshmellow, grey...lighter colurs, you'll need to be careful with. I have no colour transfer on my bronze bedford but a little on my grey houston.
  13. I guess it depends on your jeans too, some jeans stains and some dont. This happened to me once with my pink/pink CB retro, thank god I can erased the stains with a pencil eraser just like that (it was on the canvas).

    I dunno with vernis however, my only vernis bag is a fuchsia reade pm, and wearing it with jeans has never been a problem for me. Perhaps it's because it's a darker color vernis also. The lighter colors like marshmallow, peppermint, perle, and beige can be more sensitive. I'm also not sure how hard it is to erase denim stains on vernis. Sorry cant be more of a help.
  14. Thank you all for your replies!!!:flowers:
  15. I only have one vernis piece in hazelnut and so far so good! The SA never mentoned anything about color transfer though.:cursing:

    Can't wait to see what you end up with! :nuts: