Calling all Vegas TPFers Corsa is 50% - 75% off!

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  1. Corsa at the forum shops is going out of business. It's not all bad they apparently got an offer they couldn't refuse from Versace for their space so they are closing up shop until they find another spot (they think it will be about a year before they open). The good news for us is they are having a huge Sale.

    For those of you who don't know Corsa they are in the Forum Shops and carry a variety of kinds of Bags. They have Brighten, Tano, Isabella Fiore, Kooba, Lockheart, Mulberrry, and more. They are starting to run low but still have TONS of goodies. I could have gone crazy!

    Happy Shopping
  2. Thanks - I am soo glad I checked purseblog today
  3. If you are in Vegas you MUST check it out!