Calling all UK/London girls - help on shopping for handbag in London!!!


Feb 17, 2006
I am most likely going to Glasgow and London for work next week. I am interested in checking out LV, Balenciaga and Chanel. I've been to the LV on New Bond St. - is that the best place or is there another location? What about Chanel and Balenciaga - where do I find the best selection?

I know these brands probably are not the cheapest in the UK, but definitely cheaper than the US - worth shopping there, right? What is the % of tax that I should expect to get back? I was doing some research on the LV UK site - is that a reliable source?

Where else should I go for general shopping, other than the obvious Oxford St, Selfridges, Harrod's?

Thanks a bunch! I am so excited!:P
Well, LV's are as follows;

Small boutique in Selfridges, Oxford Street, only sells the bags, similar to the one in Harrods, Knightsbridge, although I think that one also sells jewellry.

New Bond St store is ok, a bit pokey, but my favorite is the store on Sloane street, as it's much brighter. There's another store in the city somewhere, but from memory, that only does bags. Thinking about it, you could get the addresses off the Vuitton site, I'm sure.

Harrods is a must visit, if you haven't been there before, and Harvey Nichols is just down the road, and worth a visit too.

I always find Selfridges worth a look, however, their fashion floors are a bit claustraphobic for me.

I always try to pop into Alexander McQueens when I get back for a visit, Old Bond Street. There's a Gucci nearby too.

And if you're a shoe lover, then don't miss Manolo's at Old Church Street.

I think there are two Chanel stores on Old Bond street, and if you're going to Sloane Street, I'm pretty sure there is a Chanel store there, too.

Check for the UK prices, though I have to say, if you're coming from the US, with the not good (for you) exchange at the moment, you would really need to double check on the prices and whether they really would be cheaper. Cheapest is certainly Paris, which if you had a spare day, you could catch the train to, from London, or hop on a flight. You are right, you would get your VAT back, (17.5%?) but I have a feeling the customs limit back into the States is only about $200 or $400 dollars for residents, so you would need to be careful you don't get lumbered with a huge custom charge on your way back home.

Never been to Glasgow, I'm afraid, so can't give any insite to there.

I think LB is local to Sloane Street, so when she gets back from Paris, then I'm sure she'll have some good info for you.

Hope you have a fab time!

In Glasgow, there's nothing exceptional that you won't find in London in regular stores. But do check out the vintage stores, there are some lovely things on offer.
I loved it there but I haven't been in two years, so things may have changed.
There's some great stores with local crafts, where you can find beautiful jewelery and artisan made bags. :love: :love:

There's a big department store on Prince Street (I think that's the name). Perhaps there'll be a different selection from London.
I have been having problem posting recently, I can't believe I have to type this all over again, it was a long message, I will be very short this time.

Although UK VAT is 17.5%, you will only get 10-13% back (EU residence can't get duty free). You need to ask the shop to fill in a dutyfree form and stamp it for you, then you claim the money back at the airport with your purchases (quite strict at the London custom).

Selfridges is awesome, from there, you can walk to Old Bond Street (OBS) via South Hampton Row where there are nice small shops too.

Harvey Nichols at Knightsbridge is great too. Then walk down Sloan street where you find many designer shops such as LV, Gucci, Chanel, YSL etc.

Check out Gina (on both OBS and Sloan) and LK Benette for shoes.

Have fun, you will go crazy there!