calling all UK chanel Ladies... looking for a PNY or expandable.

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm searching for a PNY expandable or the expandable. Do you think I'll find it here in the UK.

    Please say yes! I really really really want it! I will be forever grateful!!!

  2. NM at Northbrook, Il has a white and black expandable flap. Chanel Chicago also has a couple, if you can't find one in the UK.
  3. is it the PNY expandable?
  4. No unfortunately not!
  5. They had expandables in Harrods, Sloane and Bond Sts today - cream, black and brown.
  6. i want a PNY flap too but i asked in bond street and the SA said 'no'

    with other flaps the newer one yes they still have it.
  7. The PNY does expand, but it is not considered one of the expandables of the past two seasons. NM has plenty of expandables in stock.
  8. what is the UK price of the expanable bags?
  9. I paid 1350 for my expandable flap, I think the totes were slightly cheaper.