Calling all UK Chanel Fanatics......

  1. I've seen loads of pics in this forum for the diamond stitich tote in various colours. Anyone seen these bags in the UK??? I tried Selfridges and they told me that these are past season bags and were called the vintage line and are no longer available, so how come they're all over the US. Help anyone???:confused1::confused1::confused1:
  2. i am Fanatic......
  3. Maybe you should try the botiques and Harrods? I am constantly in them and to be honest I cannot remember seeing that bag at all. However, the botiques do tend to have more stock. Selfridges should have offered to do a search for u on their database, that is what they do for me and are always able to locate what I want in the UK.:wlae:
  4. I went into Harrods and the Boutique on Sloane Street last week and didn't see any there. But both of them are really helful if you are looking for a particular bag.

    Before when I have been looking for a bag I have rung up the stores and asked them to search over the phone and mostly they are really helpful.

    Good luck, hope you find it!
  5. I saw some diamond stitch last year in Selfridges, but have not been home in a while to see what is in stock.

    If you are stopping in Selfridges, ask for Christine, she is always super helpful and very well informed.

    Good luck.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I must say that I really do not find Chanel SA's in the UK helpful. It is like a chore that I wish to give them my money, but LV, well they bend over backwards to help you find what you are looking for!Lol.

    I have also found that we really get a raw deal with bags over here, we have none!!Ok, we do but not has much as the US, and to think we are only a short hop from France. In saying that I am really looking for bags towards when it is the end of the season, so what should I expect??
  7. ITA with you Sammy, we get a bad selection of Chanel Bags here considering we are so near Paris. All the boutiques tend to have different stocks (except for the classics). 9 times out of 10 they are out of stock on any bag I want. They never know what deliveries they are expecting. You won't believe the lists I had to be on just to get a cabas. IMO Harrods have the better SA's they are far more helpful than Selfridges. Brompton Road Chanel is the snootiest, BEWARE.
  8. It does get annoying, I have done my time behind a counter and I treated everyone the same. The thing that really gets me is the fact that I have to now get bags from the US because the UK are so poor in their selection, I think I might take a leaf out of Cammy1's book and give bags a rest.
    Or when the new season comes out be at the door with cash in hand and depart with a bag.
    I had to laugh, I asked about a bag on Saturday and she whipped a door back to reveal different bags that were not on the shop floor, what I ask is the point of that?? Of course the bag I wanted was not in stock.Lol!
    You have to laugh or you will cry!!Lol!
  9. i absolutely agree about the lack of service with chanel SAs in the UK, although strangely enough there was a really pleasant & helpful male SA from the brompton branch when i rang them up to look for the ultimate soft bag. it was a different story at sloane street though, i was physically in the store and ready to get the lux ligne flap but the SA plainly ignored me and later told me it was out of stock (when it was on display on the shelf) :cursing:

    back on topic though, i'm not sure how helpful this may be, but the last time i was in the chanel in amsterdam, i saw a white diamond stitch tote in store. that was around february, so it might be a stretch here. nonetheless, maybe you might like to give them a ring (try asking for Michelle, absolutely helpful & patient, and she found me my bordeaux reissue when i thought it was nearly impossible). as far as i know, they should be able to send it over to a local (uk) chanel... since when i rang brompton street up, the male SA did a search of it across europe and he said they could bring it in if he managed to find one.
  10. Thanks Zerodross, I found a small DS flap on eBay which I bought, I love it. I've heard that they are bringing DS back in the US for next season. Maybe we'll get some in the UK although not sure what the price will be like this time round with all the speculated price increases.

    ITA it's very touch n go with the SA's if you catch them at a quiet time they'll open all their cupboards for you and help you find what your looking for. If you catch them at busier times they just find it convenient to tell you that the item is out of stock rather than bother looking, they won't automatically check other stores either. I also find it amusing when they take your details on a scrap of paper in order to call you if the item comes in. I'm sure it goes straight in the bin as soon as you leave the shop as to this day I've never got a call back from the boutiques.
  11. Hi. I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm thinking of buying a chanel medallion tote in black from london (im in the US now) how much does it cost after sales tax and is it abundant there? I'm asking to see if I should just get it here or wait
  12. Sure Alfarhan, the medallion tote is usually available. I believe it is around £955 but you will get sales tax, around 17.5% back from the airport
  13. Thanks syma! By reading this blog I was worried that things sold out fast in the UK and with all the tourists in the summer...... I think I'll wait to get it from there then It seems to be cheaper if I get the tax back from the airport. I cant wait until july ...!
  14. Totally agree re. sh1t SAs in London - I was in the brompton rd store the other day, asked when they were expecting the Rock, after about 10 mins trying to explain the bag they finally got the look book out and established they'd ordered it - i was like 'so it is called the Rock then?' and they were like 'yes it appears so' after denying the bag even existed!!! This was 2 different SAs. :cursing: Useless. But yeah in my experience the guys in Harrods are much better, there is a french guy in the main clothing and bag boutique section (not the shoe) whose name I cant remember but he is awesome. In general though London Chanel SAs are totally useless and never know anything about their stock. :p
  15. I think you are talking about Homer, he bends over backwards to help me and is just the most sweet SA ever x