Calling all UK Bbag lovers...

  1. okay, i'm a bit of a newbie to this - I'm ashamed to admit it was merely days ago that I discovered the difference between the City and the First...:rolleyes: But thanks to this wonderful forum, all has been revealed!!! But no matter how hard I search old threads, I can't seem to find anyone talking about where to get Bbags here in the UK (London or online?) and prices...can anyone help??! I'm after a black city and I want it brand spanking new! has the first and part-time, but of course not the city. Selfridges Oxford St the other day seemed to have quite a lot but that was in my pre-knowledge-of-what-a-city-was days, so didn't know what to ask - and certainly didn't see any price tags! ;o)

    So please girls (and guys!), help a girl out with some friendly advice so she can splurge BIG TIME on her first rrreeeally beautiful handbag?! pretty please?!


    ps did i mention that this place rocks?!:jammin:
  2. Beadle, Aloha Rag currently has a black city in stock (as of yesterday). They are located in Hawaii, but you can email them for an order form and fax the form back to them. There's no sales tax if you are not in Hawaii and shipping is free for items over $500.
  3. heey beadle!

    Well you can get balenciaga from Harrods, Harvey Nicks, Browns and MAtches - all in london.

    the first with regular hardware is £675
    the ciity with regular hardware is £730
    The Day with regualr hardware is £525
    The Hobo is £1070
    The Large quilted bag is £1145

    The city with giant hardware is £960
    The Day with Giant Hardware is £630
    Brief with Giant hardware is £930

    not sure about the work or the weekender.

    Hope that helps.
  4. And you can get brand new on eBay.... hgbags ...being one of the reputable sellers.

    I've found it cheaper to order from the US, but watch out for custom charges.
  5. how bad are the custom charges?
  6. thanks so much guys! you're amazing!

    can anyone quote the price for a black city here (say from selfridges) and the price for the same bag in the US? I'm going to Nashville and Boston in June so would it be worth waiting?...if i can possibly wait that long!
  7. BAD!:mad:

    A recent pre-loved bag cost me about £400, and £83 in charges.

    I've got one at customs at the moment, but when I rang this morning they'd only just received it during the night and hadn't worked out the charges.
  8. city is £730 in this fine country :smile: and its $1195 in the US (Cheaper by far)

    good luck
  9. Here there about £730 with regular hardware (RH). Not sure for city in US.

    Twiggies here are approx £620 and I've bought for about £500 in US.
  10. Aloharag has already been mentioned and I have bought from them many times :yes:

    You will pay $1195 for a City from them and they will declare the value at 25% retail so usually it works out about £50 in customs and admin charges. So that works out the equivalent of about £670 all together compared to £730 here. Of course, the advantage of paying £60 more here is that you get to hand pick your bag which is part of the excitement as all b-bags are soooo unique with dfferent leathers :yes:
  11. This is probably a really stupid question, but do you have to pay sales tax on bbags in the US?! Just trying to work out exactly how much it'd cost in the US verses here (potentially going to selfridges on friday!!!)

    thanks guys!
  12. You have to pay sales tax unless it is shipped. So if you were to buy it from aloha rag you would not have to pay sales tax. If you were to buy the bag though when you were in the states, you could always have them ship it to your hotel since you said you were going to 2 different states. Then you would not have to pay any sales tax.

    Also, I was at harvey nicks a couple weeks ago and they had a black city so try harvey nicks, harrods, selfridges...i found that harvey nicks and selfridges to have the largest selection