Calling all turquoise 05 experts!

  1. I received my turquoise 05 first today and while it is gorgeous, it looks significantly darker than I thought it would. I have checked it against other people's photos and mine, while very similar, looks a bit darker. So i took some photos in daylight and the bag looks like the lighter brighter turquoise I was expecting. I know that it is very hard to capture bbag colours exactly in photos due to lighting. I really love this bag regardless but just wanted to know that for those that have this bag or have seen it irl, does it look a lot darker irl than in photos? Thanks!
  2. jennyo: yes! it's darker in person than in pictures.
  3. Thanks Krisalyn, that is very good to know! I expected it to be a bit darker than in photos, but not as dark as it actually is.
  4. The attached of my Turquoise 05 was taken under the standard neon lights in my office - but it would look darker if I took the pics indoors in the evening. I'd say the attached is true to it's colour when out in the light.

    The color's sooo lovely, I adore it! If yours is significantly darker, perhaps you got a Dark Turquoise which is really similar but a shade or 2 darker?
  5. Thanks Beverly, at first I thought maybe I had the dark turquoise too but I think that colour came with silver hardware and mine is bronze. After looking at your photo I think my bag is indeed turquoise 05 and it will look even more so in the day light. It's supposed to be sunny in Sydney tommorrow so I will take it out then! I was almost 100% sure it was the right colour but it is my first bbag and I didnt want to take any chances. Thanks so much for the input, I will post pics of my bag soon :biggrin:
  6. Here's a picture of my turquoise city and boobie (now living with new mommy's). The color of the city in the picture is the true color of the bag IRL.

    Hope this helps!

  7. I think the turquoise looks even better on real life. Much richer and more complex. I love the green tones.
  8. It is my favorite color :yahoo:
  9. It's gorgeous LTL but your magentas are really :drool: WOW. Turquoise is one of the prettiest for sure, burt my heart still belongs to eggplant. :love:
  10. Thanks for the photo livethelake! My bag is a bit darker than yours and Beverly's but I guess that is the beauty of balenciaga - there are slight variations between bags. My bag is still definately turquoise just not as bright irl as in photos. I still absolutely love the colour no worries there! I'm very excited to have my first bbag :yahoo: Thanks to everyone for their input!