Calling all Trish McEvoy Addicts

  1. So, I couldn't find a thread that was solely for Trish junkies. For those of you that are familiar with her line, I'm a level 6.. :graucho:

    I seriously have SO much. I don't even feel like I use it all to the fullest. I need to go into the counter and have them get me re-organized. It's a yearly ritual for me to have the gals at the counter give me new color combos and get my artist's kit all organized and ready to go. I'm seriously living out of two planners right now and it's annoying me so bad.

    I have been using Trish for 6 years. I have had a few cheating episodes with NARS, but other than that, I am a Trish-girl through and through. Before that, I used Benefit, and the brushes are what hooked me. I was curious about her other products and have been a loyal Trish fan ever since!

    Everyone, please feel free to use this thread to talk about your Trish collection, no matter how large or small. All levels welcome! Pics of your collection and makeup artistry skills are welcome too :smile:
  2. I am excited to see how this develops as well. I have not heard anything about the holiday collection from Trish yet. I just got the birthday bow planner and Nordstrom Anniversary Planner/Mini Set recently. I'm in love with my tiffany-blue coloured planner. They sent me a defective one so I got a second planner and ended up giving the first one to my boss (she loves Tiffany almost as much as I do)... she told me today that she is planning on using it to hold her hair stuff when she travels... I was thinking MAN! What a waste of a beautiful planner! I :heart: Trish! I'm surprised that Trish has been phasing out the Large planner... I found a gorgeous Large planner set on bonanza a few days ago, but if I went to my husband and told him I needed to buy another Trish planner/brush set, I think he would really get upset... :wacko:
  3. I actually stopped by the Trish McEvoy counter at Nordstrom today, and picked up more brushes (#45, #19, and powder brush) to replace my old ones. Trish's brushes are much more durable and softer than Chanel, Stila, and Armani (at least the one's I've tried).

    I also bought eye and face concealer. The correct and brighten #1 blends in really well on my Asian skin, and I was really impressed. And the lipgloss with spf 15 in pretty pink is super natural, very moisturizing and not sticky, and provides sun protection.
  4. oooooh, what does Level 6 mean? I love Trish McEvoy. My cousin turned me on to the planner but as much as I want to love it, I don't! That doesn't mean I don't love her products because I do. It's just that the planner doesn't work for me. The mesh bag inside always falls out, and I cheat and use other products so I try to keep it in the planner but it gets too bulky. I guess that's the issue for me, in order to use the planner efficiently, I must use all of her products. I have her blush/bronzer duo but I feel like it gets all over the place (all over the other eye shadows or blush that are in the same magnetic page).

    I'm most interested in her brushes. What do you recommend as must haves?
  5. Oh...I think all of Trish's brushes are must haves. Trish has 3 levels of makeup users..3 being the one who uses everything... I'm a level 6 because I'm so obsessed with it I certainly go over the top!
  6. I use Trish. I have two planners and 2 of her past holiday 'little black cards' and mini brush sets.
  7. I'm not a full blown Trish addict. I have to say that the foundation in Sandy Beige is my go to summer foundation. Helps my acne.
  8. Their lip glosses are so nice but sticky :sad:
  9. I love Trish McEvoy makeup brushes - the powder brush is amazing!
  10. ITA! I've used a few other brushes including Armani, MAC, and Stila, this Trish's powder brush is hands down the best!
  11. I bought her makeup brush set. Best brushes ever!!! The bristles are so soft and I love the big angled eyeshadow brush. It's perfect for creating dark outer corners
  12. love the Blackberry and Vanilla parfum, but it doesn't last long!
  13. Her makeup is fantastic. I used to have a planner, but not fond of it anymore b/c it was hard to mix in my other brands of makeup, so now I just use each item separately. Her eyeshadows are excellent. They don't crease, and the colors are beautiful, buildable colors, and offer a really flattering range. They stay on a long time, too, and I love the texture.

    Her lip gloss colors are pretty and I was very happy with them.

    She has AMAZING makeup brushes. I have two eyeshadow brushes which I love and have had for a long time.

    I have the beautiful pink/vanilla face higherlighter/blush combo and it's so flattering on.

    I've used her bronzer which also looks really natural. Overall, I'm a huge fan.
  14. I am very fair with cool undertones. Her colors don't work on me. They seem to be more warm color based.
  15. I use several Trish products regularly, such as the eyebrow pencil (best ever). Just recently purchased a blush brush, which is the perfect size for my face. I also bought a zip-up red makeup case with a couple of double-decker palettes in it. I'm still not quite sold on that item - it has a few things that i'm not sure I'll ever use. What I'd really like to have is the angled eyelining brush and the aubergine eye definer. Am I the only one who buys things that are much more/not what I really need, simply because I'm caught up in the moment??

    Also love the blackberry and vanilla perfume (I think it's called No. 9). I've had my bottle for a couple of years, and it's still pretty full. A little goes a long way for me.