Calling all trinity ring owners--show me photos of your rings please!!

animal 1

Jan 18, 2008
Hi all!
Not sure if there is a thread already (I've looked but haven't found one, and if there is I apologize and hope someone can link me to it) but I would love to see a thread dedicated to just photos of the Cartier trinity ring, with info on the different models. I'd love to see photos (modeling pics!) of people with discontinued styles as well, such as from the Cartier constellation line, the two for trinity, or the 7 bands. I've seen some photos online of older, discontinued styles, but would love to see photos of them being worn.
I've recently decided I NEED to add a trinity ring to my collection and would appreciate any photos I could look (read: obsess) at! Thank you!


Jul 24, 2013
Girls do you wear your Trinity 24/7? Does it scratches easily, especially when taking off?
It cant be helped to have it scratched. The rings always rub against each other. Once when my husband was holding my hand rather tightly and I felt it rub each other. So I avoid letting him hold the hand that has the ring. When my trinity was new I worn it for 3 mos straight and there were scratches already. Im really extra careful with it but it still managed to gain some scratches no matter what I do.