calling all TREVI owners!!!

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  1. all trevi owners i need some help!
    do you guys still LOVE your trevis? do you think its worth the price? ive been sort of contemplating because after tax it will be about a $2000 bag :S the trevi really worth that much?
    also, do u think the trevi is able to be worn casually - sweatpants, tracksuits, hoodies, etc?
    finally, what are the cons of this bag?

    pls pls pls help me!!
  2. I have the GM - and I love it! You can definitely dress it down. IMO, the only cons are that it's heavy, and that it doesn't realllly hold all that much stuff for the size. I think the Trevi GM holds about the same amount of stuff as my Speedy 30. But it's a lovely bag, and I'm really happy I got it.
  3. I have the PM and I love it!! I love that it can be worn with both dressy and casual clothes:smile: The PM was a little under 1800USD with tax~but well worth it in my opinion!! It is very versatile and unique.
  4. I have the pm and I love mine. It can be dressed up or down with it. This is my favorite bag out of all my louis. The con of this bag is that it gets heavy if I store a lot of things in there. I plan to keep this bag forever. I think it would be a great investment if you do decide to get it. Good luck in your decision!
  5. I have the GM and I love it! It can be dressed up/down and I think it's one of my most used LVs. The only con is that it can get heavy when full.
  6. thank you guys for the responses...i hope to see them coming. i guess the main concern with everyone is the heaviness..
    i've asked this question before...but the handles don't bother anyone? i mean them being so much longer then a speedy or some other handheld bag?
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    I bought the PM last month and absolutely LOVE this bag! I dont think that it's too heavy and it's the perfect size for me. I was planning on buying the GM, but it looked too big on my body. I don't used the rolled handles on my shoulder I only use them to hand carry the bag. I use the long strap that comes with the bag when I want to use the bag as a shoulder bag.
    I think that it's worth the money, it will be a bag that you will love for many years, and it's an LV bag that you rarely see anyone carry. (In my area, at least)
    You won't regret purchasing this bag!
    Good luck :smile:
  8. I've had my Trevi since valentines Day 2010 and I absolutely LOVE it. It's so well made and durable and I think it's one piece of my LV that will last for many years... so yes a worthwhile investment!
  9. I've had mine since 2008 and I loves it ! My mom loved mine so much that she got one too.. :P
  10. I can say I really want one for sure.
  11. That's one of my favorite aspects of the bag; it gives you three ways to carry it: 1-As a satchel, 2-Short handles on the shoulder and 3-Long strap on the shoulder. Of course, because it's Damier, it's worry free as well.

    This bag is so chic, and a headturner. It's worth every penny! Plus everyone, and their mother, doesn't carry it.

    I really love this bag. I highly recommend it to anyone:yahoo:
  12. My best friend has it and im in love with it! She absolutely loves it! she does complain about the heaviness too, but not enough to not love it. THe best part, IMO, is that her interior almost looks like a bomb went off (its dirty, full of crumbs etc) but the outside still looks brand new!
  13. does anyone know if the base of this bag is the same size as the Tivoli gm? or is it smaller?
  14. i used to love my trevi but now i hate it, it's too heavy, doesn't hold much, too bulky, the long strap hurt my shoulders so i rarely use it and it doesn't go with most of my outfits.. regretted buying it..:Push: same with the neo cabby.. :Push:
  15. I will vote for Trevi pm which is my first LV handbag and I love it so much. All my friends love it as well.