Calling all Transparent Inclusion Owners ---

  1. I've ordered the Inclusion Bracelet PM in Transparent twice now and both times, eLux sent me the ones with the visible glue smears. I specifically asked to send me one w/o the smears.

    Is this normal? Are all the transparent ones like this? I'm a lil frustrated that it's not a clean looking bracelet. Wouldn't LV's craftmanship do a better job than this? Should I just return it w/o exchanging it?
  2. i don't know why there should be glue smears on your bracelets, because mine are perfectly fine. if you don't live too far away from a store, you might as well return them and purchase directly from a boutique.
  3. Purchase directly..I've had amarante ones with glue smears.
  4. Glue smears? Are you sure it isn't a crystal? My DH just bought me one directly from 866 cause he couldn't get it from e-lux in time.

    I suggest going to the boutique directly to check one out or if you live too far, call 866 and see if they will send you one. Good luck
  5. Are these like little bubbles inside the resin? The bubbles are normal. I don't quite understand what you mean by glue smears.
  6. I know what you mean, the amarante one I had had glue marks in it. havent seen that with the other colors. your best bet now is to check out the boutiques, that sucks . I was going to order a transparent pm from elux.
  7. Yep I know what you mean too.

    My first amarante one was dreadfull, think one of my others has glue blobs too-might be transparent I cant remember.

    Id try the stores direct.
  8. Not the bubbles, but looks like if you were to use a gluestick and smear it on glass.
  9. My local boutiques are always out of the Transparent ones so I settled with eLux and their free shipping. Guess I'm gonna have to return it.
  10. I had no idea that this was a problem. I was wanting this bracelet too, but now maybe I will have to change my mind!
  11. I've had no problem with my transparent....but the framboise looked like it had a big bubble between the pink and the transparent layer - don't know how else to describe it. It looks more obvious on the colored ones when seen thru the side. I didnt check it when I got the bracelet and it was more than 2 weeks old so I couldnt make a return.

    It's because of how they're made. Once I got over that, I never worried about it again. If it bothers you too much, then have it replaced but seeing that it's already the second shipment, then you may/may not get one that's really "absolutely" perfect.

    Enjoy your bracelet :smile:
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I never seen that before, but it sounds gross. I am sorry to hear the original poster keeps getting messed up ones.
  13. Thanks for the everyone's help! I'm gonna return it to eLux. This seems like it's going to be an ongoing issue so I'll just wait for the local LVs to get it in so I can pick and choose the one w/o the glue smear. I think these blemishes are more evident on the transparent and darker colors like amarante.
  14. I've bought my inclusion bracelets from the stores and the only one I had a problem with was the Amarante with the white streaks (I guess it was glue streaks!).

    My Transparent PM and GM bracelets look fine but I think there may be a few bubbles - but I did look at several of the bracelets before I bought one.
  15. I havent have a problem with my transparent but with the Amarante I have gone through a couple of them before I find the perfect one... there are bubbles and glue smears... for the price they are charging there shouldnt be any bubbles... !!