Calling all Tracy experts!!!

  1. Hi girls!
    I recently bought a Tracy Bag on eBay, it's the medium Tracy Zip Bag. I posted pictures of the actual bag on the authenticate it thread so as to be sure of it's authenticity.
    I'm a little bit concerned about the tag, it says Mastic, does anyone of you know if the Tracy was released in that colour?
    Here I attach a picture of the bag that shows pretty well its colour I think.
    I also wanted to ask you something else, I noticed some little marks on the leather, in the inside part of the handles, it's like if the bordering colour, which is whiskey left little marks of paint on the ivory/mastic colour of the handle. There is also another mark on one of the pieces of leather attached to the zip puller, here I attach pictures of it. Do you know if there is any way to clean it? Is it normal that it has these little defects? yes I may seem too much perfectionist :sweatdrop:
    Thanks to all!!
    HPIM1581.jpg HPIM1583.jpg Imagen053 copy.jpg Imagen057.jpg Imagen058.jpg