Calling all tPF SHORTIES! Oversized Coco Cabas Leather Tote

  1. My oversized tote in black leather has finally come! I was put on a few waiting lists, and lucked out at the Chanel boutique in Short Hills, NJ! I know some other fellow short PFers were having reservations about the size + their height! So here are pictures. I'm 5'2".

    I don't know what to think about it. I need honest opinions, ladies! :flowers: I love it :love:...but at the same time, I feel like it is way too big on me. And I'm still trying to decide between this...or the black Reissue with gold hardware. :shrugs: Two very different bags, I know! I'm just so indecisive. ...I attached a pic of the reissue for good measure!
    coco1.jpg coco2.jpg coco3.jpg coco4.jpg reissue4.jpg
  2. OH EDNA!!!
    You make both bags look hot! They're too different to compare, love them both on you!
  3. Personally, I say go for the Reissue. It's a classic bag that you'll love for years. The large tote is cute but you might be sad in a year or two when big bags aren't as "in" and you've spent a lot of $ for a trendier bag...

    As much as I love Chanel, I think you could spend the money that the tote costs on a less expensive bag with a similar look....
  4. Go for the reissue! It looks so classy! I'm also 5'2 and I bought the gucci horsebit hobo like 2 years ago and I cannot wear it anymore, it's simply too big for me, and the horsebit is smaller than the coco cabas. the reissue is a classic that will never go out of style.
  5. i would go for the reissue :flowers:
  6. Yeah, as much as I love Coco Cabas, if you HAVE TO pick one, then I have to say Re issue. Both look great on you, but re issue looks really spectacular on you. It's kind of a bag you can actually pass it on to your kids and all......
  7. i am only 5'1", and the oversize bag is just way way way too big (i saw it in the boutique but didn't even bother to try it.......i just think i look silly with it!

    i love the reissue though, definitely the reissue!
  8. OMG, they both look awesome on you! That tote just looks amazing....and they are just too different to compare! But, I think if you're looking for longevity with the bag I say go reissue, it's just soooo classic, but I really love them both.....
  9. My vote is for the reissue - i agree with wickedassin that the reissue will not be going out of style anytime soon. YOu are rocking both of those bags though! From one shortie to another - you go girl!
  10. They both look fantastic on you. Hard to the reissue big enough for your needs?
  11. Im a tote I say tote! How much does that run???HMMMMM!!LOVE!!
  12. You are so totally rocking that Coco Cabas!!! I can see the point about the reissue being a forever bag. However, if you are young and if the Cabas complements your personal style (as opposed to satisfying the need for a trendy piece), then I don't see why you shouldn't keep the big bag and get a flap bag in the future. I don't care if big bags go out of style. I will still use mine for a long time.

    Chanel has so many different styles that are classic in their own way. Like I told my SA, I'll get the black classic flap when I have one foot in the grave because there's too many other bags to get. Maybe not even then...I plan to be a crazy dresser like Anna Piaggi in my twighlight years.
  13. BOTH bags are fabulous on you, but if I had to choose, I would say go with the reissue
  14. Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts and wonderful comments! I think I might just stick with the Reissue afterall, or look for a smaller tote. I absolutely love the style of the Coco Cabas, but I think it is just a tad too big for me. I was thinking about maybe getting a black on black Cambon flap tote or a Luxe line shopping tote. :heart: :yes:

    The reissue, I'd say, is just a little too small. I can fit what I need, but nothing an extra pouch for my make-up or a bottle of tylenol or something.

    It was $1650. Some SAs I called while looking for one were saying it was $1695. I wonder why different boutiques charge different prices? :shrugs:

    Thanks again, everyone! I don't know what I'd do without you all! I've talked my boyfriend's ear off about bags, bags, and more bags. He just looks like this while I go on and on. ==> :wtf:
  15. reissue.

    and then BAM with your died hair, something as classic as that paired with your do would look AWESOME in my opinion. totally shake stuff up.