1. Hello everyone! I am docride.

    As many of you know Hermes was first and foremost a superb harness and saddle maker. That said, it really comes as no surprize that many TPF Hermes forum members are in fact Horse women.

    :idea: I thought it might be nice to start a thread for those of us that have this in common... I noted some ladies mentioning it might be nice to have such a thread so... Here we are!

    A bit about me...
    I am many things...but firstly I was and am still an American Cowgirl ...I have worked with my partners through many storms and early mornings... in some of the most beautiful still wild places... I am not afraid to get my Hermes bags and scarves working for me...I let them get used and all good well made items can be...

    I want to hear from all of you :
    Cattle station women!
    Fox hunting ladies!
    Show Jumpers!
    Dressage Ladies!
    3 Day eventers
    Hack riders!
    Back yard horse women!
    ex- Pony Club members!
    American Cowgirls!
    Show riders!
    Flat Track racers/owners/trainers!
    Trotter and pacer racers/owners Trainers
    Horse Lovers!
    Side saddle ladies!
    Flat seat and hunt seat ladies!

    spurs on boots 005.jpg
  2. .....friend of Dressage Queen, does that count?
  3. OF COURSE and we need a woman of your impecable style Rose! Welcome! Hugs,docride
  4. One Of My Dearest Friends (Not A Tpfer).....Has Owned Horses Her Who Life (It 's Her Passion).......She Adores Hermes Through & Through ~ Originally Falling In Love With Her Saddles. We Do Have A Few Friends ~ The Same. I Know Many Young Girls Who Love Hermes For Their Saddles & Just Love Their Leather....They Do Not Care About "The Status" ......I Love That!!!!!!
  5. Thank you docride, hugs back. :heart::heart:
  6. Always had my own horses as a youngster and went to pony club. I used to get home from school, throw the bridle on my pony and ride for hours and I would come home when it was getting dark. That was when I lived in North Queensland.
    Used to ride racehorses many years ago and had 21 race rides in my teens.(a gazillion years ago).
    Own shares in racehorses and trotters.
    Work as PA to my husband (accounts, wages,client liason etc) who is a racehorse trainer.
  7. Yes that is also how I came around to Hermes Handbags..and accessories in general it was by first knowing their saddles! It truely didn't start from the status of it..;)Cheers!
  8. WOW! You are very brave! I was in my teens about a gazillion years ago 2 ! Going even farther back I remember a pony who used to try to bite us even when we were riding him now that's tallent!
  9. I don't know about brave, maybe young, foolish and fearless..
  10. Yes, I also had that disease years. ago.. I think that's why I can now predict the weather! :shrugs:I hurt before and during every storm:roflmfao:
  11. I am not in the listed disciplines; mine is Pleasure and Combined Driving.
    Our driving horses now are Friesians and Percherons.
    We used to have a six horse hitch of grey Percherons and show in Canada and the US. These are known as the heavy horses

    Our Friesians are for pleasure and combined,and would show mainly in Ontario;except for a show in the US (Walnut Creek)
    We are so busy with our life now;we only drive around the farm now.

    I have Paso Finos that I have bred(Puerto Rican bloodlines)
    I think they are the greatest pleasure riding horses.
    One of my hobbies used to be buying carriages at auction to restore.
    We have sold most of them now; one of the to the Austin Carriage Museum in Florida. It was a French Roof Seat Break.
    We don't have any Hermes harness;but we do have "Freedman" harness(Toronto). They have been around for about 200 years also.
  12. Probably not a member here, but I love this pic and wanted to share...(with her H scarf on)

  13. We not only have Princesses on the PF but we also have Queens!!
  14. WOW Of course you are welcome and FORGIVE ME for not including Draft and Heavy Horses on the list! MY AWEFUL MISTAKE! My Brother in law raises Percherons... we also cross breed them with our American Quarter Horses and use them for Mountain Stock riding... We also drive teams for feeding stock in winter with sleds... CHEERS!
    ALSO LOVE those Hot blooded Paso Finos they are devine! Thank you for sharing! I hope you will meet other Horsey TPFer's here!:tup:
  15. Trying to figure out which breed Queen Elizabeth is riding.
    Welsh Cob?