CALLING ALL TORONTONIANS! Special Event @ Bloor st. on tuesday!

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  1. Hey all! I just spoke to my S.A who told me about a special event this tuesday from 2-4 PM at the Toronto Bloor St. Boutique. Models will be casually walking around the store and the new ready-to-wear lines, mirroir and most of the other new bags and accessories for the fall will be shown. You will get to c all this while being served champagne, so call your S.A, although I do not belive it is invite only. :wlae:

    P.S hopefully this is new news.
  2. REALLY??? It is news to me!! :nuts: I'd love to go, but I usually deal with the Yorkdale store, so I don't think I got an invite...although I'm going to check my mail right after I finish this email!

    Do you know if we'll be able to purchase anything from the fall line or is it for-show only??? I wonder if they've got the Groom line in seems like the LV stores in the states are beginning to get them would be so great if the Bloor store has them too and we could purchase them (and the miroir pieces too) at the special event!:love:

  3. no, not to purchase just to see, and the groom line won't be available for purchase until the 1st of october. I do not belive it is invite only, unless my S.A didnt tell me, she just asked if I would like to come.