Calling All Togo Kelly Owners

  1. I would love to see comparison pictures of 32 Togo Kellys in rigide and souple.

    I would also love to hear any positive/negative comments on your bag if you have anything to share.

    (I was working the members' reference section and wasn't having the best of luck)
  2. Kellybag, I have only souple in 32cm. I don't like rigide in 32cm or 35 cm. I feel that the they are too clunky in the rigide look. I think I have a picture of a 32cm souple someplace on TPF. I have to find it.
  3. [​IMG] Here is a 32cm souple (on the left) in Courchevels.
  4. I haver a 32 cm togo (souple). Love it,:love: it's an 'easy' bag.
    hermes2.jpg k1.jpg k2.jpg
  5. Hi, sorry I do not have picture comparison, but I can give you verbal details...The togo kelly is very durable, good for sun/rain/snow, more casual and soft looking, what I do not like about it it is harder to open or close due to the "squish" factor. I prefer hard (like box calf) because it can be opened/closed with one hand, it looks more classic and elegant (IMO) , but you do have to be more careful, keep it out of the rain, so not as all season friendly, and you have to be O.K. with the scratches that develop on box.
    hope this helps:flowers:
  6. Thank you everyone for your pictures so far; and thank you avandome for your sharing of information.

    I always learn from asking everyone on the forum and it helps me to make a wise decision in the end.
  7. He he he!!! You are up to no good KB, LOVE IT!
  8. Forgot to add, the 32 rigide looks bigger than the 32 souple, but fits a little less inside if it is in a firm leather
  9. Thank you avandome. I need a personal assistant for my Hermes shopping decisions...are you available?

    Jag, I am always up to something. If I could just make up my mind!
  10. Yes, I notice KB has not joined Hermes Anon......LOL!

    Welcome Home Avan!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Sure:nuts: ... for hermes's 24/7...:P :welcome:
  12. Merci!:cutesy: