Calling ALL those who have the Tribute

  1. Hello TPFers who have the Tribute. I was looking through eBay and making myself feel bad about spending full price at NM for my Tribute instead of a much lower price on eBay. Through my search, I found this:

    I was going to post on the authenticate site but wanted to consult actual owners first. If you look at the 5th picture of the listing which showcases the inside of the zipper, you can see that the YSL logo looks to be engraved....however, on my Medium Tribute which I got from Neiman, the YSL logo on the zipper is raised. How does it look on yours? I'm just wondering in case I shoudl warn others that this bag may be fake.....
  2. Good call ysl1983 - the ysl on the back of my Tribute's zippers are also raised. So is the outline of the zipper's "head"(you know what I mean right?). I got my large Tribute from Saks for full don't feel bad about your purchase. You paid the designer the full price his original design deserves :tup:! Besides, currently this bag isn't available from NM and Saks online until 2008, so consider yourself lucky to have snagged one now while it's red-hot!
  3. I think it is raised. It is the shadowing of the picture that makes it looked engraved. Since pics are two-dimensional it is not easy to see the different depths.
  4. I don't looks really different from the authentic Tribute's YSL marking irl.
  5. but apart from the back of the zipper, is there any other way we can distinguish a fake Tribute? coz i wanna get one from ebay but dun want fakes! thanks
  6. ^So many of them have appeared on eBay recently, and I'm sure plenty of those are fakes. Your best bet is to post any particular one you find and are interested in up in the authentication thread to get some input.

    If any look promising, you'll want the typical exterior pictures but also a full interior shot, a closeup of the YSL tag and then the reverse side with the serial number, close-ups of the zippers (both zipper pulls and underneath the actual zipper), and a close-up of the keyfob. I wouldn't dream of bidding on one without all of those pics and then have people take a look at them in the authentication thread. Other members who own Tributes may have more suggestions for necessary pics.

    You can always start with just posting the auction first, though, because if it's obviously fake then you don't even need to bother requesting the additional photos.
  7. I'm looking at mine and the ebay picture you posted right now. BTW, I bought mine at Saks. The zipper picture doesn't look the same as mine. The bottom of the zipper, that rectangular part doesn't look the same as the real one. Also the border surrounding the YSL logo on the zipper is different too. BOO...not a real bag (based on the zipper picture). Also, the serial number pic looked weird to me.