calling all the parisian girls

  1. you know any addresses of second hand shops of Designers bags ?
    I only know the Palais Royal ones.;)
    Thanks, I'm planning well in advance my next trip to Paris !
  2. These are rue de la pompe in the 16th. They are more high end but have mostly clothes. Nonetheless you could get lucky, maybe give them a call before you go?
    I sold Reciproque a Hermes bolduc twilly a couple of moànths ago... I shouldn't have though :Push:

    95 r Pompe 75116 PARIS
    01 47 04 30 28
    88 r Pompe 75116 PARIS
    01 47 27 93 52

    I tried to post more but it's screwing up the code...
    Try going to PagesJaunes : annuaire téléphonique
    then look for "vetements occasion" in Paris, in the arrondissement you want, and it will give you results..

  3. Oh yes I forgot I know this one, she has nice chanel....

    Thank you for your help !!
    I guess they guarantee the authencity of the items, right ?
  4. ok, im not French nor female :shame: but i know there's one along the main street of Ile St-Louis almost across Berthillon (:drool:) that sell a few LVs but mostly vintage Hermes. but the best bet would be Didier Ludot's. HTH :smile:
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