calling all the owner of silk'in wallets!

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  1. I hope this was not discussed already, when I tried to search silk'in nothing came out...
    how does the silk holds up after some months of using it on a daily basis? did you notice any tear, wear, especially when getting out your CC and putting them back in their slots?

    and if you have a compact, can you pls. post pictures of what it fits inside?
    thank you!
  2. Hi - there's been some discussion here:

    I have had mine for about a year - I love it, and it still looks great. It's the only wallet I use although I use a Bastia for coins. I have posted pics on the previous thread. In practice I can fit 2 CCs in each slot and folded notes in the zipper section. I prefer not to keep coins in it as I don't want it to bulge, but I could if I wanted. It holds a lot, certainly enough for my needs, and it's very secure with the zipper.
  3. I have the long Silk-in.. have had it for about a year and it still looks good even with everyday use.

    Mine is black epsom, and the silk inside is dark, so I can't really tell if it was very dirty :P No tears whatsoever on the silk, though.

    I can easily slip two CC's into one slot - because it is silk, it is much easier to remove cards from their slots as the cards don't stick to the slots. I had the problem of cards sticking to their slots in my Kelly long wallet, which has leather slots.

    I've spilled water, juice and tea on my wallet, but it has been very resilient to water. That's what I love about epsom. It is terrific for everyday use.
  4. I own the long version in Etoupe with fuchsia Boutennerie lining. It's been used daily for nearly 9 months now and holding up nicely. Absolutely no issues with the silk interior and I have it stuffed with plenty of receipts, cards, notes, junk etc. I don't, however, keep the coins in the zip compartment, it's been a habit to keep them in a separate
    coin wallet. I have to say the price point of the silk-in is unbeatable in H speak. And the contrast lining is obviously a joy to look at.

    The Azap is great with Epsom leather, I prefer chevre for the Kelly wallet .
  5. I have this same wallet (as ms p) and I love it even better than the AZAP as it is lighter and love the bright lining.
    I use the center zip for photos and also store coins in another pouch. I have used mine since June I think, every day and it still looks new.
  6. ^ I keep ID cards and photos in the center compartment too!
  7. I have the Etoupe with fuschia interior and love love love it! Have been using it for about 7 months and there's no signs of wear shown yet. The inteior is perfect even though I do take cards in and out very frequently. It's compact and easy to get things in and out, and holds alot. It's the perfect wallet that I'm sure I'll continue to love!
  8. I have the smaller one and have been using it daily for more than a year. Honestly? It still looks brand new. If I should wear this out, I intend fully to replace it with another mini silk'in.
  9. I had mine for almost a year, a long silk'in in black epsom with dark silk lining. It's perfect still in the inside, though there are some slight scratches on the leather which are almost unnoticeable. Love it and will recommend to everybody!!
  10. thank you! I really think I need one, way too cute and practical! do you know if this was available at the last H sale in Paris?
  11. I am thinking this one should be authenticated if anyone is considering buying it. I am concerned that this might not be the real deal.