calling all the girls who own a vernis and live in the hot/humid area...

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  1. i tried to do the search but couldn't get much info out of it, so if you own a vernis and happen to live in a very hot and humid area (like southeast asia), you could probably help me out.

    i'm trying to decide between an epi and a vernis piece, but read a post saying that humidity is not good for the vernis (it will get sticky and the glue wont last long). having said that, it was just one post, so... can any of you confirm this? what exactly do people mean when they say the vernis will get "sticky"? i imagine something pretty bad (like the bag melting... which is probably not the case) :P

    also, i guess you're not supposed to leave the vernis piece under direct sunlight...

    thanks so much!
  2. I don't live in hot and humid area. Where I live is pretty humid as I live near the ocean. I can imagine any LV bag that lives in such places will turn moldy. What I do is get a dehumidifier for your room where you keep your bags. That will help the bag from getting moldy. You are right, you're not suppose to keep vernis pieces under direct sunlight. If you're driving in a car, just throw a jacket on top of your bag.
  3. I live in Louisiana, so very humid! I have a few vernis pieces and they have held up well.
    Don't leave vernis in cars or closed up spaces.
  4. i live in SC and it's very hot & humid here!!! my vernis wilshire was used all last summer and it was fine...i never left it in the car or's not going to melt when you're walking or anything...i think you should go for it...the vernis pieces are gorgeous!!!
  5. I live in's always hot humid..just hot best friend has a vernis bag and it seems ok
  6. I stay in a very hot and humid place so it's a great comfort to know that vernis holds up well with good care. Just bought my vernis alma pm so will definitely watch this thread to learn more tips from others!
  7. i live in Sydney Australia so it gets hot and humid and i hate it lol but my vernis bellevue in amarante is just fine. when im in the car i just put a cardi over it because i dont want the vachetta to patina any faster i dont think about the vernis leather so much because its a dark colour but watch out if you get a light colour as it can go yellowish with time.
  8. Where I live it can get hot, and it is definitely humid in the Summer (Mid-Atlantic, USA), and my Vernis Alma MM has held up well. I never leave mine in the car or trunk, and it always sleeps in its dustbag in my closet room.