Calling all the Downtown lovers - need opinion

  1. Hi ladies
    I need your honest opinion. I am a Balenciaga girl but have been going back and forth on the YSL Downtown bag.:confused1: You might remember me when i started asking about the patent Downtown and then i ended up buying the Muse and the Tribute. I have tried the Downtown in Purple, Cypress, Pewter and finally i bought the Black one in med size because i love the gold hardware with Black. I am just not sure about this style on me. The bottom is very structured and i am wondering if that will soften up in time. So can you please advice me on this and tell me if this bag looks good on me or not? It is so hard to get used to another bag after being addicted to Bbags. Suli girl where are you? you know i saw this bag on you IRL the first time and i really liked it but now i can't decide. Please help. :heart:
    IMG_3994%20%282%29.JPG IMG_3995%20%282%29.JPG
  2. I think the bag looks great on you. I just got my downtown and I feel the leather will soften up to give it more of a slouch. I love my bag and feel it will probably be my favorite.
  3. Thank you gillianna.:smile: The leather on my bag is soft.:yes: I am only concerned about the bottom of the bag. Will it soften up in time? it is too structured right now.:s
  4. Hi Nanaz! The bag looks great on you. The bottom(and the rest of the bag) should soften and slouch over time. You can help it along by squishing it between your arm and torso as you carry it on your shoulder(does that sound odd?). Mine used to look so structured, and I was so reverent of it, until I got more used to it and treat it just like a casual day bag. It's a tough(read: undelicate) piece and I'm loving it even more as a go-to-wear-with everything-rain-or-shine kinda bag. I don't think I've carried any bag of mine for this long on a stretch w/o switching to another bag since the day it came. I hope this helps, and I hope you keep yours.
  5. Thank you scholastican. :heart:I have gone round and round on this bag for so long and every time i look at it, i get even more confused about it :upsidedown:but thanks for your input. I appreciate it.:idea:
  6. Hi Nanaz -

    In my experience, my bag has gotten softer, but I still feel like the bottom is relatively structured. I don't really know what to tell you to make you feel better because at the end of the day, it's about personal preference.

    This may be bad advice, but I think if you want to speed the process along, break the bottom in a bit, maybe you can place some books in there, and leave the Downtown hanging on a door. Honestly, having used mine consistently since this summer, it's still pretty structured on the bottom...if anything, everything else has gotten softer and slouchier (the top flops down all the time).

    Good luck! Hopefully someone will give you better advice!
  7. First of all, I think it looks great on you, so no worries there. It's really just about whether you actually like the style enough. As for the bottom, unless you're carrying anything heavy in the bag, it's likely to keep most of its shape I think. My Downtown is really soft and slouchy, but the bottom does like to stay in its square shape most of the time, unless I've got some weighty items in there. I mean, it will sag, but it doesn't completely flatten out. I only carry mine on my arm, though, so maybe just following the suggestion of carrying it on the shoulder and squishing it against your body regularly would be enough to slouch out the bottom?
  8. I really love this bag on you!!!
  9. Hey Nanaz!

    Did you think the medium downtown was an OK size for you?

    Did you try on the large and feel it was too big?
  10. Hi Girlie, the large is too big for me and the med is perfect but i just could not get used to the Downtown style.:sad: This has to be because i am so used to carrying Bbags.:shrugs: How about you?:heart:
  11. ^^^Hey Nanaz!

    I felt the large was too big for me, too! I was asking because Bubble in the 'Authenticate This' Thread was asking about the size...she was wondering if the large would be too big for her, although I think the ivory downtown she is interested in is actually a medium. :smile:

    Sorry you couldn't get used to the style of the downtown, it is a bit poofy!

    I suppose I can compare once I buy my first BBag-I hope soon! :yes:
  12. I am 5'3" and the large was too big for me. I like the Med size. The large is like a tote but Med is more like a handbag to me. I specially like the Med in the Ivory color.:yes:I can't wait to see your new Bbag. :sweatdrop:You will be addicted and can't go back to any thing else, you'll see.:nuts:
  13. Nanaz, am usually over on Bal as well, and have been:drool: over your luscious GGH black work. i see your black gold combo has reached beyond bal!! but i know exactly what you mean about wanting that slouchy bag bottom...

    anyhow, i have had a med patent white downtown for about 3 months now. honestly the bottm is still fairly structured, but has gotten less so with wear. i found that it looks best when I don't overstuff the bag and squish it with my arm when the bag is on the shoulder. i think it brings a more casual-luxe look to an otherwise fairly structured bag.

    congrats on the downtown; looks fabulous on you:tup:
  14. Thank you so much for your input girlie. :heart:
  15. Nanaz - I am really curious to know what you decided. I too was never 100% convinced on the downtown and keep going back and forth. I was about to buy one yesterday, and then changed my mind, but I am spending way too mcuh time thinking about this! I keep wondering if I'll be sick of it too soon.