Calling all the cotton pareo experts/owners, question about care tag, help me please.

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  1. Hi all,
    I hope this is the right section for this. I bought this Jungle Love pareo from a well known and reputable seller, you can find it in this thread:

    But I was wondering something. I did some research and I've found some more pareos/sarongs. But the care tags of them are all different than mine, in fact I've never seen the care tag of my pareo before.
    For example, here's another Jungle Love pareo, as you can see the care tag on the front says only Hermès-Paris and on the backside you can find the material, made in and the wash symbols. And all the pareos that I've seen so far, have this same care tag. (See picture one and two below and in the link below)

    Hermes huge PAREO shawl scarf wrap **tigers** green - eBay (item 360156776648 end time May-23-09 16:32:04 PDT)

    The backside of my care tag is missing, it's cut into half for some reason (maybe it was s stamped, don't know)
    The front of my care tag says Hermès Paris, 100% coton and made in France so not only Hermès-Paris.
    Like I said, I've never seen this care tag before on a pareo.
    I was wondering if anyone have the same care tag on her/his pareo as mine? (see picture 3 and 4 below)

    And I know I bought it from a reputable reseller so I guess it must be authentic, and maybe I'm just paranoid, but just want to be sure. I even don't know if there are fake H. pareos out there.

    I hope the pareo experts/owners can help me, I'd really appreciate it.
    TIA and thank you so much for your time :biggrin:


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  2. **Chanel**, I just bought a pareo from 24 fbg and the tag looks just like the second tag you posted with the care information on the back. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you gina_b! That's what I mean, I've only seen the second tag on pareos and not the first tag what's on my pareo.

    I don't know what to think, anyone who have a pareo with the first tag on it, or any experts who can help?
  4. I wish I could help you **Chanel**, Maybe you should contact her?

    btw. I still haven´t gotten mine!

  5. I have quite a few pareos and they all have a full care tag. Sorry. Unfortunately there are fakes on everything H. Even baby shoes!
  6. Perhaps the seller remowed the old tag, and when selling it sewed on a tag that she believed was the right one but mixed them up. I keep all the tags I remow from scarves, etc. together in a box, and if I were to sell one I would sew it back on. So I could imagine them being mixed up as well.

    Hope you can get an answer on why your tag i different!
  7. Thank you all for your comments, kat, hermesmonkey and knapsu :flowers:

    Kat: I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't receive your GM. Have you contacted her yet? Hope everything works out for you.

    hermesmonkey: My care tag is been cut into half for some reason, so the backside is missing, but can you tell me if the front of your care tags are like the first picture (only Hermès-Paris), or like the second picture (with Hermès-Paris, 100% coton and made in France on it.)? TIA :smile:

    Everyone else who can help me, please do. TIA!
  8. Hi **Chanel**,
    I understand how one can obsess about such things, but I don't believe the tag shows a fake - just a cut tag. Why don't you contact the seller and ask about it?
  9. all my tags are like your second picture. I would contact the seller.
  10. the tag she shows in her listing is totally different from the one you got on your pareo??? I think you need to write to her and ask how that is possibel. The lising shows tags on your pareo just like the second set of pictures you posted but your pictures show a different tag.
  11. Thank you all for your reply, I really appreciate it. I think I'm going to contact the seller to ask about it.

    Kat: the link of a listing in this thread is from a similar pareo from another seller, so it's not the one that I bought. I just posted this link to compare the care tags, the care tag of this listing is the one in the second picture ;)
  12. ^^^
    Oh, I am sorry...I was confused as you can see, if you look at my spelling and grammar as well,LOL!

  13. ^^ lol, well I think your English is still better than mine :P
  14. Well, I have a degree in it so I should do better than I actually am, lol!
  15. Well, I did some more research and I've contacted another well known reseller. She was very kind and she said she bought the same pareo a while ago, but her care tag is also different than mine.

    I decided to contact the seller where I bought this pareo from. And I told her about the care tag, that I was worried because I've never seen this care tag before.
    I just got a reply. She wrote this:

    don't worry, your pareo is 10000% authentic and the difrence between tags indicate the year of the issue and reissue.
    your shaw is a FIRST ISSUE and the shaxl for the link is the latest issue.
    your shawl has then a greater value
    everybody knows me and you can trust me and what i'm talking about!
    they are many kinds of care tag and all my items are authentics.
    i have this pareo FROM HERMES PARIS, its not the last issue and it's wy the care tag is different!
    your shawl is vintage, that's all.
    [SIZE=+0]i am a great collectors of hermes and i've never sold a fake and i have a great experience of this brand.[/SIZE]
    thanks for your mail

    I guess it's ok then, right? But I was wondering if there are any tpf-ers out there who own a first issue pareo and with the same care tag as in the first picture? It would really help me. Please let me know, TIA ;)