Calling all TechnoMarine owners

  1. I have a TechnoMarine watch, and I have several bands for it, both leather and jelly. After a while the jelly bands look very dirty and I've tried to clean them without success. Now I wonder if any tPFers has a tip for me, so I can save a couple of bands from the bin??? It's not that they're expensive, but I have a couple in discontinued colors that I'd hate to throw away.
  2. I wonder if you could pop them in the dish washer! I know what you mean about them getting grubby quickly. I changed mine to the croc strap one as I was fed up with trying to clean it all the time!

    Why not try one in there, and see, it really might work :smile:
  3. have you tried using one of those Mr Clean Magic erasers?
  4. I have no advice,