Calling All Techies: HELP!!

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  1. I have a laptop with a Verizon Wireless Internet Card which enables me to connect to cyberspace from anywhere. Is there a way that I can equip my desktop computer to have access to my laptop's internet connection? Thanks!!!
  2. If you mean that you don't have the internet at home, but your laptop can access it and you want to utilize that access from your desktop, yes there is a way. It is called internet connection sharing. It is hard to explain but if you Google "internet connection sharing" you should be able to get a walkthough.
  3. There are a couple of ways to do this. Unforch, I can't relay the step by step process off the top of my head. Like Glamfoxx said, Google it and you should get plenty of tutorials.
    If you still need help, let me know and I'll try to walk you through it.
  4. Thanks all!! I will google it right now. Charles, I'll holla at you if I get stuck.
  5. what you are looking for is networking...with that you will have a connection between your devices (laptop and desktop)
    I work for HP's tech support...I'll check tomorrow if i can find any documents on how to do that
  6. Try this...find your card, then check out the manual or the troubleshooting guide. Honestly, the last time I did this was on a Win 98 PC, and I can't really find any info on it right now.

    You can always call them too.
  7. Networking. You could do this buy connecting your desktop to your laptop with a network cable, but the easiest and safest way to do it, imo, is to buy a router from your local Best Buy or Fry's. Not only will you get a sleek solution, but you will also get firewall protection so you don't have some jerk hack your network and computers.

    You're looking for one that is labeled for wireless. I know Linksys has routers like that. (Just bought one for my mom's house for when I visit with my laptop.)

    Then you can setup you laptop as the main computer with access to the internet and your can connect your desktop to the router and leave it connected without having to touch it again. When your laptop is on and connected, your desktop will have internet access. When the laptop is off, it won't.

    Hope that helps. :smile: