Calling all tea drinkers

  1. What types of tea's do you like ?? and how often do you drink it ???

    Doing a lil research
  2. I love Earl Gray. I drink it umm...perhaps 5 times a week?

    I'm also a big fan of green tea. I have that about 5 times a week too.
  3. english tea (with milk and sugar), earl grey, lady grey, irish breakfast tea, jasmine tea... I drink at least 6cups a day
  4. PG Tips, with milk and two sugars, and about 4 cups a day.
  5. thanks for the responses keep them coming
  6. Chai Tea... I drink it at least once a day from Starbucks. A chai latte with soy milk :smile:
  7. There is Chinese Store called TenRen, I've seem them in most major cities...and they carry lose tea that you can buy buy weight. I love TikGuanYin and they have a few variety ranging from quality and price. Their expensive ones at $100 per pound are whole leaves, incredible flavor and fragrance.
  8. I :heart: green tea! I drink at least a cup a day. I also like Jasmin tea. :amuse:
  9. I am an avid tea person and drink tea every day. In the summer I tend to drink more black teas and in the winter, more green or oolong. My old standbys are Earl Grey and Keemun in the morning. For greens, I like sencha, hojicha, and genmaicha. I also make huge batches of iced tea with peach tea, lychee tea, etc. in the summer. I have about a dozen different kinds for various moods.

    I order my tea in bulk at who has a huge catalog of all kinds of tea. Ten Ren is a good source for Chinese teas. Some teas can be very pricey per pound, but you only use a teaspoon per cup of tea, which weighs only a few grams so it doesn't cost much per cup.
  10. thanks ladies
  11. I'm a tea addict! I drink all kinds of tea. My favorites change with the seasons (blacks in the winter, greens and tisanes in the summer), but right now here are my favorites:

    Republic of Tea-Rose tea
    Republic of Tea-White Honeysuckle tea
    Teavana- Aztec Fire (it's chocolate, chiles & strawberries!)
    Teavana- Jasmine Chrushi Estate
    Mighty Leaf- Passionfruit Green Tea
    Numi- Moroccan Mint

    I think I average between 3-5 cups a day.
  12. Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger!
  13. I drink something called Sportea-it's green tea with vitamin C and electrolytes No calories, no caffine. Highly recommend it!
  14. I love tea. I drink hot tea in winter, iced tea in summer. My favorites are Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Awake (starbucks), and good old-fashioned orange peeko(sp?).
  15. Well being english tea is essential to me - organic PG tips , proper dark builders tea. The water must be boiling and if you are doing it properly then you should use a pot - I have a brown betty one that I use whenever I am at home - plus put the milk in first. I was really shocked when I visited american friends last year and NONE of them owned a kettle!!!! You cannot make proper tea using a microwaved cup of water!(as I kept telling them!)

    I also love earl grey but drink herbal teas too. I have mint tea by using fresh mint steeped in hot water. Also Yogi licorice tea, jade oolong, jasmine tea and nokcha green from my tea man at borough market in london.

    Here ends the tea lecture!!