Calling all tall ladies 5'10 and over ---

  1. I am looking for some new blue jeans. I currently wear Calvin Klein jeans, but they don't make that style anymore. Any suggestions?
  2. Most designer brands have long inseams, which I love. R&R, True Religion, and AG's are my favorites, 33"-35" inseams rock! I also get NY&Co jeans in tall for cheap jeans to do yardwork or for housecleaning.
  3. If you're looking something other than designer jeans, I also get my jeans from Mango/ Zara, which are long enough for me too. For reference sake, I'm 6 feet tall. :p
  4. some pairs of stella mccartney are long and fit oh so well
  5. GAP makes jeans in long and extra long. I am 5'10" and the long length is perfect, even in heels!
  6. If you're willing to make the investment in a long lasting, well cut pair, I would get a pair of Seven for all Mankind New York Dark Bootcuts. I'm 5'10" and I wore these right off the rack-no alterations, with flats. If you fall madly in love and want them for heels too, buy a second pair in the long version, and you are good to go. These run stretchy/comfy...a little big.

    If SFAM has too much distressing for you, I would look at Paige Hollywood Hills cut in Lagoon or Dark Clean-size up one size in Paige. I've found that I can wear these right off the rack with flats or kitten heels.
  7. I love Paige jeans.. they work well for me. I'm 5'10
  8. Lucky Brand, long. OMG... what they do for my *ss... I should send them thank you notes.:tup:

    (Ps. Brad Pitt and Angelina wear them too...)
  9. Levi's! I can't remember what style I wear offhand (504?) but quite a few of them come in long lengths -- 35" inseams.
  10. i'm 5'11 and a jeans ADDICT! all of the following make styles long enough for me...

    -paige premium
    -earnest sewn
    -rock & republic
    -miss sixty
    -true religion

    hmmm... that's all i can think of right now (i'm not at home atm or else i'd go through my messy closet!)
  11. I'm a shorty here but I have a friend who's 6' tall. When we go shopping, she has the most luck with Rock & Republic and True Religion. I think Rock & Republic has the longest inseams.
  12. I wish I was with y'all in the long legged club but alas I'm stuck with a 30" inseam, yuck!!

    Anyhoo, I second the Rock & Republic for super long inseams. Take it from someone who had a ton chopped off hers, LOL.
  13. Im 5'9 and I have to take up most of my jeans, I personally love Roberto Cavalli, and Sevens ( but some are shorter than others), I recently purchased a pair of JBrands and even with heels they are too long!
    I really dont think you should have a problem finding jeans that fit length wise, i would just pop into a dept store and try a few on.