Calling all Stam owners!

  1. I dont own a stam, though ithas caught my eye alot recently! but before i part with all my money lol, what are your absolute opinions on the stam? do you still use it? does it go with everything? how much does it hold! pros and cons! ahh so many questions ladies im sorry lol, but i wanna make sure! :yes:
  2. I dont have a Stam myself, but I heard that the kiss-lock clasp at the top have been an issue with some people. Also, the issue of the weight of the bag have also come up.
  3. 1. i don't use it much anymore, but i will with the arrival of s/s because i wear a lot of dark chocolate (the color of my stam) during these seasons.

    2. it did go with everything at some point in my life, but lately it seems i have to work around it, which is why i put it away for a good while.

    3. it holds A LOT. small lv cosmetics case, cell, mj zip clutch (which i use as a wallet), tums (yes, i use these! lol!), bottle of viktor & rolf's flowerbomb, rosebud lip salve, and and a bottle of water all fit nicely without being crammed in.

    CONS (for me, anyway):
    -my bag is freaking heavy as heck because it's from fall 2005 and lined with suede. had i not been so hellbent on this type of leather, i would have NEVER bought this bag. it is very heavy even without anything in it, and newer versions (lined in canvas or linen) feel so much more comfortable. even my straps feel heavy.
  4. Stam is definitely a classic handbag. I am still using my Stam putty. I love it but it's not my everyday bag. It does hold alot but it is heavy! Well all MJ bags are heavy but this is heavier and it's a little bit impractical to use Stam for grocery shopping or going to class (you could but it would just look a little bit over dress :p ) I always use my large mp most of the times.

    Stam goes with everything but then again, what color are you thinking of? At the end, it really depends with your lifestyle.
  5. well im thinking of getting a pretty neutral colour really, something that goes with everything, so probably black!! wud it really be too dressy to take to a lecture haha! :sweatdrop: id probably do it anyway lol!!

    does it make any difference at all if the chain is taken off? though to be fair i like the look with the chain too!
  6. Neutral color is always the safest option. Current color besides black, I think they have a color called natural. It's more like off white/beige-ish kinda. I don't know if you want light color as it can be a pain in the ass when it gets dirty. Black is always good with the gold chain. I like the color combo. If you take off the chain, it definitely makes a different in weight. Maybe I'm used to it now, cause I don't really take the chain off anymore. I agree with you, I like the look with the chain on, even if I carry it by the handles on my forearm.
  7. I like it with the chain on too, but taking it off would make a huge difference in weight. The current stams have canvs lining so they won't be as heavy as the original suede lined stams.

    I don't use mine every day either, more for special occasions. It's a gorgeous bag, and I always feel like a knock out when I wear it.
  8. thithi, you ARE a knock out :lol:
  9. ^ Speak for yourself darlin! :lol: ;)
  10. I absolutely love the stam. So much so that I have both the stam and the stam hobo.
    It is a bit heavy(I keep the chain on) but I don't mind because it looks so good when I carry it.
  11. That was my first MJ purchase. LOVE LOVE LOVE my stam. It is the one bag that I get the most compliments on. It is heavy I call it my baby because it feels like I am carrying one. However, it is worth it at least to me.
  12. the stam was my second mj bag purchase and i credit it with jumpstarting my marc jacobs obsession. i don't carry mine as much as i used to when i first purchased it. however, i attribute it to the color (it's bordeaux, which i consider it more of a fall/winter shade). the main complaint is that it can be cumbersome to carry due to its weight, but i am willing to overlook it since it's so beautiful.

    it was my work bag for awhile, and i was able to fit quite a lot in there: cosmetics case, cell phone, ipod, wallet, at least two magazines, and i've even managed to shove a pair of flats in there at one point!

    imo, it's definitely worth it. do you know what color you're considering?
  13. I like the bag, but I don't carry it much since it is too heavy for me!!! Carrying the bag actually makes me feel like working out!!! :push: But if you love it and don't mind its weight, then I'd say go for it!!!
  14. So many helpful information!! I like stam a lot, but I have not had one yet. Compared to Chloe Patty, which one is heavier? I am interested in both, but I have to choose one:sweatdrop: .
  15. Had one in black, ended up selling it. The weight didn't bother me, though it was heavy. It was more that it just didn't excite me the way I thought it would. You open the top, and that's it. There you have it. One large section inside. Didn't find it held what I needed it to, either. From time to time I toy with getting another one. I love it on other people. But I haven't. My two cents.