Calling all Stam owners: How do these bags hold up?

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  1. Hi!

    I JUST got my first Stam (a quilted calf in a turquoise-ish color). It's my first MJ bag and I was just wondering how well they hold up after extended use?

    Does the frame get stiff?
    Does the lock get loose?
    How does the bag hold up in rain?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Congrats on your new stam!

    I haven't heard of anyone having problems with the new kisslocks, if anything, they have more trouble getting the bag open.

    The used ones on eBay tend to have some scuffed corners(minor) and sometimes niches in the leather of the frame, generally around where the clasps attach to the bag.

    I think if you use a good leather protectant, like appleguarde, you shouldn't have too many problems with rain. You can also keep a plastic bag inside the stam just in case you are caught out in the rain and you don't want it to get wet.
  3. Thanks for the answers! I'm actually a little wary of appleguarde products since their cleaning solution and moisturizer lifted color from my balenciaga :sad:
  4. the bag holds up very well, you'll love your new stam. congrats!
  5. I've heard that happened before, but it hasn't done that to any of my bbags but it did lift some dye from an MJ wallet... I think it was specifically the conditioner or cleaner that did that. I was actually referring to the apple garde protectant spray to help against the rain. I haven't heard that it has lifted any dye from any bags. I've also heard that Shining Monkey protectant spray is good as well.
  6. i have had mine since early fall 05...i use it quite frequently, and it's worn very very well...the only signs of use i have on mine is a lil wear on the bottom corners where the piping is...and a few scratched on the kisslock...
  7. ^ You know, mine has a scratch on the kisslock as well... I think it's more common with the Fall 05 due to the antiqued gold. Maybe it's "softer"?
  8. Hey there-
    I too just purchased an elastic frame and am anxiously waiting to receive it from Barneys. But i've been wanting a bbag(city) as well -- (i was debating b/w the two) and now am wondering whether to get the bbag too (or just choose one). seeing that you have a bbag (others are welcomed to comment)-should i just keep the MJ bag? .do you love it? how does it compare to your bbag? TIA!! :heart:
  9. I just bought a stam too - cant wait for it to arrive!