Calling all Speedy 40 Owners...

  1. Hi, Can you please tell me what you like and don't like about your speedy 40? Is the "sag factor" worse than ever ? I would appreciate any/all photos you could post of your Speedy 40, esp those of you holding one so I can see if I want this size.....Thanks SO MUCH in advance !!!!!!:yes:
  2. I want to know too. I'm planning on getting 40 speedy but it might be too big for city bag. Please advise. Thanks.
  3. iv got a speedy 30 that i use as an every day bag and the sag is just enough for me. i want a 40 instead of a keepall just to use as a small over night bag and travel bag but i think the sag would drive me mad if i used it every day. i tried it at the store and it is quite big.
  4. I had it but sold it, because it was too big for an everyday bag, I think you should get a 35.
  5. <<------update: My speedy 40 arrived yesterday from elux...I will post some photos soon !! It's better than I thought!!!!
  6. Can't wait to see the photos...

    Thanks for the information.
  7. I'm looking forward to seeing pics too!
  8. i have the 35 and I love it!! i have a 30 in azur, and it's good for just everyday normal stuff, but 35 is good if I'm going away for the weekend or the entire day, I can fit an extra set of clothes in there and such!!

    congrats on your 40!
  9. congrats on ur 40 :tup: i been think of gettin it myself but im not sure if it'll b to big. i currently have a 25 mono and it feels too small. cant wait for the pics!
  10. Congrats ...can't wait to see photos ...I love the sag on a speedy:tup:
  11. Neat! :nuts:
  12. I would love a 35 or 40, but I want it in damier!
  13. Ok, here are some pics that I promised. I used to have the speedy 35, but the sag on it drove me crazy, and the handles seemed too small for its size, so I sold it. I then wanted something for travel, but the smallest keepall was just too big for me, as I like the look of a big bag instead of a piece of carry-on luggage when I travel--- so I got the speedy 40. I call it my "Mary Poppins" bag because its soooooooo huge, but I love that I can load it up or down, and it carries what I need nicely. Maybe it's just me, but the sag factor isn't as bad as when I had the 35.... it could be that the handles are a tad wider/thicker and more centered, so that it falls in proportion.

    Here is my new speedy..... The picture with my hand shows the sag (no magazine at the bottom), but it really doesn't bother me as the 35 did!!
    I plan on using this bag for travel, and not as a daily bag, but today I took it out to do errands just to "break it in" and although big, it didn't feel like I was weighed down.
    40.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG
  14. ^^^^Oh, and the absolute BEST part of my new speedy 40 is that it was made in France, unlike the 25/30/35's, as I have an aversion to Vuitton items made in the USA.....
  15. looks great. you may have just enabled me to take the plunge and get it.