Calling all Spanish speaking handbag lovers!

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  1. Do any of you know of a purse forum where Spanish is spoken? Maybe a site originated in Spain, or somewhere in hispanoamerica?
  2. I speak a little Spanish-south Texas style, but I don't know of a purse forum en espanol. However, we do have some much more fluent members. One is from Spain.
  3. I do not know of a forum in spanish either, I am fluent in spanish. my grammar may not be perfect but if you want to practice, i do not mind. I know we have plenty of lovely pfer's here in the forum who speak spanish as well.
  4. Honestly, I'd just love to know of a friendly Spanish speaking board, where people are nice and the men don't constantly mack on the ladies. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm also fluent in Spanish(learned it before English!) but I don't know of any purse forums in other languages, sorry.
  6. Esto es lo que busco :yes:
  7. would there be one? that would be kool though
  8. no se avisame si lo encuentras
  9. Yo vivo en Canberra, Australia y tambien hablo espanol.

    No e tenido suerte en la busqueda de un foro de este tipo, asique a mi tambien me interesaria si alguien lo encuentra.

  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I don't know of any, mainly because I don't type all that often in Spanish.
  11. Mi madre es argentina pues soy media sudamericana. Tambien estudio en uni pa ser maestra de espanol - pues me encantaria encontrar un foro como esto, porque me daria la opurtunidad a practicar y hablar sobre una cosa que me gusta. Odio mis clases de historia espanola y literatura, composicion, etc - no hablamos de nada que me interesa!

  12. That is a vrey good idea! I speak Spanish and in order to practise them I keep reading HOLA! and trying to watch as many spanish films as possible!
    Goodluck though and if you find sth let us know:yes:
  13. I hate to be a party pooper, guys, but the R&R says: Posting in English only. :angel:
  14. I watch the noticias in spanish every morning, and me and my boyfriend (gringo) watch Vas o No Vas? together - he loves it!
  15. Hey - Maybe we could have a Spanish speaking thread? Like for conversing in Spanish about handbags and random stuff? :yes::nuts:

    Tambien tengo que practicar mi español! :upsidedown:
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